Home Drug Test Kits

home drug test kits

We have a range of drug test kits that are suitable for use at home

Most of our drug testing kits are suitable to use at home, but as there is lots of choice ,we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you, by grouping the best home drug testing kits into a collection. 

Are home drug test kits accurate?

The accuracy of the home drug test kits that we stock is very high and is between 95% and 99% depending on which drug you are screening for. The accuracy of home drug tests varies slightly between the different drugs.

Which are the best home drug testing kits?

If you are doing a drug test at home, the best choice in most cases is a urine drug test, as the window of detection ie how long drugs can be detected for in the sample is longer for urine than it is for saliva and so you are more likely to identify drug use with a urine test. This is particularly true in the case of Cannabis THC which is only detected on a mouth swab drug test for a few hours and can be detected in urine in some cases up to 28 days sometimes even longer with an ultra sensitive home urine drug test kit for THC.

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