Collection: Screw Lid Drug Test Cups

Single chamber cup urine drug testing kits with screw lid

The ALLTEST A1 single chamber screw lid drug test cup design offers a quick and easy, great value for money combined urine drug test collection and drug testing kit. It is available in a range of drug test combinations from 7 to 17 drugs. The drug testing process and procedure is very simple , and the results appear quickly, and are easy to read and interpret.

ALLTEST single chamber screw lid drug test cup design includes :

  • Drug tests start to run as soon as the urine is added to the drug test cup
  • Temperature strip built into the cup
  • Easy close no leak screw lid
  • Minimum urine indication mark
  • 3 pad adulteration test strip built into some drug test combinations (not in all check details of each cup)
  • Each drug test cup is individually foil wrapped with a desiccant pouch to maintain accuracy.
  • Stores drug test cups at room temperature
  • Peel back cover on side of drug test cup to reveal Individual positive or negative results for each drug group in just 5-10 minutes