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Oral fluid saliva drug testing kits 

Oral fluid mouth swab drug test kits, test saliva (oral fluid) and are ideal drug test kits for employers looking for drug testing kits for the workplace. Saliva drug testing kits are becoming increasingly popular for on-site random drug testing in the UK workplace. Some oral drug test kits also now incorporate an alcohol test. 

Choice of saliva drug test kits available in different drug combinations:

  • 13 panel saliva drug test
  • 12 panel saliva drug test
  • 10 panel saliva drug test
  • 7 panel saliva drug test
  • 6 panel saliva drug test

Advantages of a saliva drug test

Saliva drug testing using a mouth swab drug test offers several advantages compared to other forms of drug testing, such as urine, hair, sweat or blood tests.

Some of the key advantages of saliva drug testing include:

  1. Non-invasiveness: Collecting saliva samples using a mouth swab is non-invasive and does not require special training or medical personnel. This makes it more comfortable for individuals undergoing the drug test.
  2. Ease of collection: Collecting saliva samples for the drug test is relatively simple and can be done quickly. It typically involves swabbing the inside of the mouth with a collection device a type of mouth swab, this is why this type of drug test is often known as known as a mouth swab drug test, The saliva sample collection can be done by the individual being tested without the need for specialised equipment or facilities.
  3. Price-although slightly more costly than urine tests, rapid saliva drug test kits as shown above are excellent value, when compared to hair, fingerprint or blood tests. Laboratory confirmation tests for a positive saliva drug test in the UK are also generally more affordable compared to hair or sweat tests, as the collection devices for saliva testing are relatively inexpensive and the laboratory processing fees for saliva tests are typically lower than those for hair or sweat tests.
  4. Range of drugs-a large number of drugs can now be detected on a saliva drug test and this is increasing all the time. All the main drugs of abuse can be detected in saliva including alcohol. Saliva drug test kits are capable of detecting a variety of drugs and substances. It's important to note that the range of drugs detectable in saliva can vary depending on the specific saliva drug test kit or laboratory analysis used. Additionally, the detection window for each drug may vary, with some substances like Cannabis being detectable in saliva for only a few hours after use, while others may be detectable for a couple of days.
  5. Convenience of a saliva drug test: Saliva drug tests can be administered on-site, making them convenient for employers, law enforcement, schools and other organisations that require rapid drug testing.
  6. Rapid results: Saliva drug tests provide quick results, often within minutes of sample collection. This enables prompt decision-making and intervention if necessary.
  7. Detection window for drugs in saliva: Saliva drug tests can detect recent drug use, typically within the past 24 to 48 hours, depending on the specific drug being tested for. This makes them suitable for detecting recent drug use, such as impairment on the job or while operating machinery or driving.
  8. A saliva drug test is difficult to adulterate: Compared to urine drug tests, saliva drug tests are more difficult to adulterate or tamper with, reducing the risk of sample manipulation or cheating.
  9. Less privacy invasion: While still requiring a person's cooperation, a saliva drug test may be perceived as less intrusive compared to urine, hair or blood tests, as they do not require a person to provide a urine sample, have hair pulled out or have blood drawn.

Saliva drug tests are particularly useful for detecting recent drug use, as they generally have a shorter detection window compared to other testing methods such as urine or hair testing. However, their ability to detect drugs may vary depending on factors such as the dose and frequency of drug use, as well as individual metabolism and other physiological factors.

Overall, saliva drug tests offer a convenient, non-invasive, and rapid method of detecting recent drug use, making them valuable in various settings, including workplace drug testing, law enforcement, schools and clinical settings. However, it's important to note that they may have limitations in detecting drug use beyond a certain timeframe or for substances that are not easily detectable in saliva.

Want to know more about saliva drug testing you may find our saliva drug test FAQ useful.

This saliva drug test information cover some basic information about saliva drug test kits, but if you have more specific questions or need help choosing the best saliva drug test, feel free to ask! Our customer support team are available via chat, email and telephone Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5pm. 

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