Modern Slavery Policy

Modern slavery policy for UK Drug Testing and Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd 

This Modern Slavery Statement delineates the actions undertaken to assess and address modern slavery risks in our business operations and supply chain, while also outlining our path forward.

Our commitment

At UK Drug Testing, we are deeply committed to eliminating modern slavery and human trafficking from our business operations and supply chains. Our dedication to ethical labour practices and human rights underscores every aspect of our organisation. We firmly denounce all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking, and we are resolute in our endeavors to ensure that they have no place within our company.

We hold ourselves accountable for preventing modern slavery and human trafficking, and this responsibility extends across all levels of our organisation. Management is tasked with implementing and overseeing this policy, ensuring its effective communication to all employees and stakeholders. Each member of our team is expected to familiarise themselves with this policy and to promptly report any concerns related to modern slavery or human trafficking.

Furthermore, we expect our suppliers and contractors to adhere to the same high standards. They are required to comply with all relevant laws and regulations concerning modern slavery and human trafficking and are expected to embrace the principles outlined in this policy.

Understanding every facet of our business operations and supply chain is crucial to detect, assess, and remediate any risks of modern slavery practices at any level. We have an expanding supply network, involving suppliers from several countries outside of the UK and thus, it's imperative for us to be vigilant and proactive in fostering open and transparent relationships with all our suppliers to mitigate these the risks of modern slavery to the greatest extent possible.

Risk assessments, audits and compliance

To identify and mitigate the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking, we will conduct regular risk assessments. These assessments encompass an evaluation of supplier locations, the nature of products and services provided, and any known instances of modern slavery within the industry.

We also carry out due diligence on our suppliers and contractors to assess their compliance with this policy and their commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. This may include audits, requests for documentation, and engaging in dialogue to address any concerns identified.

Training and awareness are fundamental to our efforts. We provide comprehensive programs for our employees, ensuring they understand the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking and know how to identify and report suspected cases.

Reporting mechanisms are in place to encourage employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to report any concerns or suspicions promptly. Reports are treated confidentially and investigated thoroughly.

Compliance with this policy is monitored through regular reviews, audits, and assessments. Instances of non-compliance are addressed promptly, and corrective actions are implemented to prevent reoccurrence.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of our approach. We commit to regularly review and update this policy to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with best practices and legal requirements.

In conclusion, UK Drug Testing is unwavering in our commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and corporate responsibility. We will continue working diligently to ensure that our operations and supply chains remain free from modern slavery and human trafficking.

Date of Approval: 20/3/24

Review Date: 20/3/25

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