ALLTEST 13 panel saliva drug testing kit DSD-8135 ALL Test Drug Test

ALLTEST 13 Panel Saliva Drug And Alcohol Testing Kits DSD-8135 Workplace And Civil Aviation

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If this 13 panel saliva drug test kits is out of stock a good alternative is the 10 panel workplace saliva drug test kit

The next delivery of the 13 panel saliva drug test kits is due in our warehouse in October. If you would like to pre-order this saliva drug test kit in bulk, please contact our trade and wholesale team.

ALLTEST DSD-8135 saliva drug testing kits for the Civil Aviation Industry.

  • New 15 drug test kit pack and format for 2020 with improved detection for parent Delta-9 THC in saliva to SAMHSA 50ng/ml cut off.
  • 13 panel oral fluid (saliva ) drug test
  • Mouth swab drug test
  • Screens for 13 drugs including alcohol in every saliva sample.
  • Simple to use mouth swab drug test kits 
  • Ideal workplace drug and alcohol testing kits saliva
  • Easy to use saliva collectors to ensure an adequate sample is obtained in the separate collector vessel, which is then added to the drug testing kit panel.
  • Premium oral fluid swab drug testing kit, the most comprehensive saliva drug & alcohol test kit currently available, each test screens for 13 drug groups in the saliva sample. These groups are abbreviated as below.
  • OPI40/COC20/AMP50/PCP10/MET50/OXY50/BZO50/THC50/BUP10/K2-25/MDA50/MTD30 +ALC
  • Individually foil wrapped, single use saliva drug testing kits.
  • Results in 5 to 10 minutes with 13 individual results.
  • High accuracy offering full CE, FDA, ISO, TUV and GMP certification to international professional healthcare medical device standards.

DSD-8135 saliva drug test kit detection (cut-off) levels and windows for drug detection

  • Alcohol detected at 0.02% equivalent and above level at the time of testing
  • Amphetamine 50 ng detection for up to 72hrs
  • Buprenorphine 10ng/ml up to 72 hrs
  • Benzodiazepines 50ng/ml up to 72 hr
  • Cocaine 20ng detection for up to 48hrs
  • K2 & K3 Synthetic Cannabis 25mg/ml 48 hours
  • Marijuana ( Cannabis THC parent Delta-9 ) 50ng detection for up to 14hrs
  • MDMA Ecstacy 50ng/ml 48 hours
  • Methamphetamine 50ng detection for up to 72hrs
  • Methadone 30ng/ml between 12-24hrs
  • Opiates ( including heroin ) 40ng detection for 7-21hrs
  • Oxycodone 50ng/ml up to 72 hrs
  • PCP (Phencyclidine) 10ng/ml 12-24hrs 

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