Drug Testing Kits A Quick Guide

We have put together this quick guide to the type of drug and alcohol testing kits available from UK Drug Testing, and how they are used

We stock the UK's largest range of rapid onsite drug and alcohol testing kits for urine and saliva that give results in minutes.

Drug testing kits for urine and saliva

  • They are ideal for workplace drug and alcohol screening.
  • As we buy in bulk direct from the manufacturers we are able to offer our customers very competitive prices on high accuracy drug test kits.
  • Our drug test ranges are selected to offer the very latest in accuracy and ease of use.
  • We offer the largest selection of saliva drug testing kits in the UK, with combinations to suit business, healthcare and workplace drug testing.
  • Being an independent supplier, we are also able to offer a large range of manufacturer-branded products, from carefully selected biotech manufacturers, offering the very best quality and value, and a modern and relevant range of tests, including drug testing kits for recently developed new psychoactive substances or designer drugs ( NPS previously known as legal highs)

What are drug testing kits?

  • Drug testing kits are saliva or urine tests which detect minute amounts of drug and drug metabolites in the fluid as an indication of consumption.
  • Drug tests screen for main illicit, but also some prescription and over the counter drugs which are relevant in reducing cognitive ability.

How to perform a drug test

  • Screening for drugs is no more complicated than running a home pregnancy test.
  • The sample is applied to the test, depending on the format and design, and the result revealed in 5 to 10 minutes with an accuracy of over 99% in most tests compared with an equivalent laboratory test.

How to read the results on a drug test

  • Negative results (two lines visible on a drug test) indicate no drug is detectable at or above the cut off level stated.
  • Positive results (just one C line visible) indicate a drug has been detected. Positive test results should be confirmed using a laboratory GC/MS test if the test has been done in a workplace employment setting. More on this later.

How many drugs to screen for

What kind of drugs show up on a drug test kit

  • The number of drugs that can be detected using drug testing kits is increasing every day as the biotechnology improves.
  • When rapid onsite drug testing kits first appeared on the UK market they were only able to test for a limited number of drugs including Cannabis, Cocaine, and Opiates, and the most commonly used drug test kit was a 5-panel urine drug test.
  • Now the choice is much greater and most drugs can now be detected with onsite drug screening.
  • As new drugs emerge on to the drug scene, manufacturers respond by developing a drug test membrane to detect the new drug.

The following drugs can currently be detected using either urine or saliva near patient drug testing kits:

  • Cannabis , Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDMA (Ecstacy), Ketamine, Benzodiazepines, Tramadol, Methadone, K2 (spice ) Mephedrone (MCAT), Barbiturates, EDDP, Oxycodone, Buprenorphine, Tricyclic antidepressants (TCA ) & PCP (Angel dust), 6 - MAM Heroin specific, Zolpidem, LSD, Propoxyphene.
  • Not all drug testing kits will detect all these drugs. 
  • The most common drugs of abuse are tested for most often and these include Cannabis, Cocaine, Opiates, Ecstacy, methamphetamine & benzodiazepines. 
  • The 16-panel drug integrated cup drug testing kits are currently our most comprehensive urine drug test kit.

Why use drug testing kits?

  • Screening for drugs using drug testing kits can help to reduce the risk of an individual coming to work under the influence of drugs and can identify employees, patients or family members who are using drugs.
  • Employers have a legal duty under the health and safety act to ensure a safe workplace, and dealing with any drug and alcohol issues is crucial as part of a company's health and safety policy.
  • Drugs in the workplace can have very serious consequences if the individual is under the influence of drugs while operating machinery, working at height, driving a vehicle or doing any occupation where being cognitively impaired by drugs or alcohol, could affect the well-being and safety of the individual or those they work with or come into contact with while at work.
  • Workplace drug testing kits

Workplace Drug Testing 

  • If you are just starting workplace drug testing, we have put together a list of our most popular drug testing kits for employee drug testing in our workplace section of the website. You can choose from either urine or saliva.
  • If you do not see the combination of drugs that you are looking for, get in touch as we have a large range of drug test kits testing for different combinations of drugs.

When to use a workplace drug testing laboratory confirmation test kit

  • Our drug testing kits are ideal for first-line screening for drugs of abuse.
  • If the screening test is negative then you will not need to do anything else.
  • If the onsite drug test is positive and it is in a workplace setting, then you will need to proceed to a laboratory confirmation drug test.
  • You can choose to either do a urine or saliva lab drug test. The detection period for urine is longer for most drugs and so for most companies is the better choice.
  • Our lab drug tests are carried out by a fully accredited UK laboratory
  • If you are doing workplace drug testing it is always worth having at least one of these confirmation drug test packs in case you need to confirm a non-negative result.