Workplace Saliva Drug Testing Kits

Saliva drug test kits for employers

Oral fluid drug test kits are the most popular method of workplace drug testing for employers in the UK

Drug test kits for saliva offer the great advantages of easily observed sample collection and concentrates on identifying drugs currently "in the system" rather than older, historic drug exposure.

Workplace saliva drug test kits come in a variety of designs and combinations from a single drug, 6 drugs up to 13 drugs in each oral fluid drug test kit. For general screening our recommendation is 6 drugs per oral drug test, extending up to 13 drugs in safety-critical employment drug testing.

If you do not find the saliva drug test kits that you are looking for and need some help or advice on saliva drug tests or which workplace saliva drug and alcohol testing kits to use then e-mail our UK Drug Testing experts or telephone our customer service team during office hours on 01263 731 168 and they will be happy to help you