Breathalyser Kits-Single Use Disposable Breathalysers

Breath alcohol tester kits 

Breathalyser kits are single-use blow tube disposable alcohol breath tester kits. They enable easy, fast and reliable breath alcohol detection and measurement. Free UK delivery on disposable alcohol breath tester kits when you spend over £20.

Single use disposable breath alcohol testing kits for sale

Both brands of single use disposable breathalyser kits are available to buy online singly or in bulk packs. 

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How do disposable breathalysers work

Disposable breathalyser kits are also known as chemical breathalysers because they work by a chemical reaction between the chemicals in the breathalyser tube and the alcohol on your breath. This produces a colour change that you can see in the tube. The disposable alcohol breath tester instructions contain a colour chart that allows you to read the results.