Help Choosing a Digital Breathalyser

A guide to help you choose the best digital breathalyser for your needs

It is important to remember that alcohol levels can continue to rise after you have consumed alcohol and that the levels may continue to rise after you have performed a breath alcohol test.

Any alcohol in the blood impairs an individual's ability to perform a task and increases the chances of having an accident. In view of this if any alcohol is detected by the breathalyser, even if the digital reading or the colour change indicates that the level is low, we advise that the individual should not drive or operate machinery. 

Access Diagnostic Tests is the UK's longest established independent provider of digital breath alcohol equipment to the professional, healthcare and business sector

We are not tied to any breathalyser brand or manufacturer, so breathalyser models on our list have to earn their place based on technical innovation, value, and performance.

If you require technical support or advice on which breathalyser would best suit your needs, please email your enquiry to us or give us a call during office hours on 01263 731 168 or check out our Breathalyser FAQ

Digital breathalyser accuracy - you get what you pay for

  • Fuel cell breathalysers have a greater specificity than semiconductor sensor breathalysers. If you are just looking for a screen this probably won't make much practical difference. If your testing other people it does.
  • For workplace screening, we recommend the Draeger 6820 breathalyser with a printer, as cheaper breathalyser models will require a confirmation test if you are screening employees.
  • If you want a top end model for healthcare or personal use, think Alcodigital Platinum fuel cell breathalyser or a Draeger Breathalyser
  • For everyday healthcare or personal screening and value consider an AL7000 breathalyser

Breathalysers calibration and service

Over time breathalysers will lose the accuracy set initially at the factory. This is called calibration. To maintain accuracy all breathalysers will need periodic maintenance, either a calibration service or a new replacement sensor module. Models with clip in, clip out sensors can be serviced on site, by yourself, in a matter of minutes with no downtime. Replacement breathalyser sensors can be purchased for both the Al7000 breathalyser and the Alcodigital Platinum. 

Need more advice on choosing a digital breathalyser

We are here to help just call the UK Drug Testing customer support team on 01263 731 168 Mon - Fri 8.30am - 4.30pm.

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