Saliva Drug Test FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding saliva drug testing

What are the detection windows for the drugs in saliva?

Detection times for oral fluid testing ( saliva ) depend on the brand of drug test used and the drug test, but as a general rule, drugs are usually only detectable on a saliva test, for up to 48 hours after last use. Cannabis and methadone have a very short detection period in the saliva of about 12-14 hours.
Information on drug test detection times here

Is there is there any specific time that I should carry out the test?

An oral drug testing kit can be performed at any time of day but must be at least 20 minutes after the individual last ate, drank or smoked or put anything in their mouth.

How do you perform a saliva drug test with a test kit?

The test is performed using a swab drug test kit that is then inserted into a container with an inbuilt drug screen. You then get an individual result for each drug group tested. It is a screening test, and you would need to send a laboratory confirmation chain of custody urine drug test (this has to be sent away) to confirm any positive results if you are performing the test in a workplace setting. Some of the new direct saliva drug testing kits are even easier to perform as the drug test is incorporated directly into the swab.

How long do the results take with a saliva drug testing kit?

A saliva test kit is an instant near patient test which means you get the results within minutes of performing the test. If the result is negative you do not need to do anything else. If you are performing the drug test in a workplace setting you should then confirm all positive results using a laboratory confirmation chain of custody urine drug test (this has to be sent away)

I see you have a saliva test that shows if someone has had Cannabis within the last 12 hours, do you have these for other drugs such as Cocaine?

We also have single saliva drug test kits for Cocaine

and saliva drug test kits for Cotinine (Nicotine and smoking detection)

All the saliva drug testing kits have a shorter window of detection than the urine drug tests are ideal for workplace drug testing where you wish to know if someone is under the influence of drugs while at work or if you need to establish if someone has appropriate levels to return to work if they have taken a drug. The window of detection for most drugs including Cannabis and Cocaine in saliva is about 12-14 hours.

Are there any swab or saliva drug test kits that detect drugs for longer periods?

The simple answer is no. The detection times for drugs in saliva is very short when compared with urine drug testing kits.

Which oral drug and alcohol testing kits are best for the workplace?

The 12 in 1 oral fluid saliva drug & alcohol testing kit is the most comprehensive oral drug & alcohol test kit. It tests for 11 drugs plus alcohol on one test kit.

What action do we need to take if one of these saliva drug tests should prove positive?

The saliva drug test kits are drug screening tests. If the test results are negative you do not need to do anything further. If the test result is not negative, what you do depends on your drug and alcohol policy.

If you intend to take any disciplinary action on the basis of the results, then you would need to do a GCMS lab confirmation urine drug test with a chain of custody. Most companies keep at least one lab pack in stock for when they get a non-negative drug screening result.