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ALLTEST Cannabis Drug Test Strips For Urine THC Or K2

ALLTEST Cannabis Drug Test Strips For Urine THC Or K2

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Our Cannabis THC and synthetic Cannabis K2 Drug Test Strips for Urine allow you to accurately and quickly detect THC or K2 in urine samples. The test strips are very easy to use and can accurately detect THC metabolites in urine. The THC drug test strips for urine are available in a range of sensitivities including standard 50ng, ultra-sensitive 25 ng, and super sensitive 20 ng. Get fast and reliable results in minutes.

Urine drug test strips

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The ALLTEST THC urine drug test strips are available in a range of sensitivities to detect the two most common drugs of abuse in the UK Cannabis and Cocaine. Choose the drug test sensitivity and pack size you want. The sensitivities available include standard, ultra-sensitive, and super-sensitive drug detection.

Key features of the ALLTEST THC drug test strips include:

  • Range of sensitivity for detecting lower drug levels compared to standard THC urine drug test strips.
  • Quick and easy-to-use urine drug test strips
  • Highly accurate and extremely sensitive to detecting drug use.
  • Results can be read in 3-5 minutes.
  • Full CE and international quality certification for the tests.
  • Each urine drug test strip is individually foil-wrapped for convenience.
  • 99.8% accuracy rate, these urine drug test strips are very reliable for detecting drug use.

Cannabis THC detection times in urine 

The THC urine test strips are capable of identifying the presence of Cannabis metabolites for a duration ranging from 3 to 30 days following the last use. The ultra sensitive and super sensitive tests will detect THC for longer than a standard test as they detect lower levels of THC in urine. How long THC is detected in urine after Cannabis has been taken varies enormously from person, depending on several factors including metabolism, hydration, amount, frequency, and strength of THC taken, and the sensitivity of the THC drug test used.

Synthetic Cannabis detection times in urine

The detection window for synthetic cannabinoids (commonly referred to as synthetic cannabis or "spice") in a urine test can also vary based on several factors. Synthetic cannabinoids are often designed to be chemically different from THC, the natural compound found in cannabis. Therefore, the detection times may differ. As a guide synthetic cannabinoids can be detectable in urine for only a few days after use, and may sometimes be longer in heavy frequent users. 

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