Laboratory Confirmation Drug Test With Full Chain of Custody Documentation

Workplace drug testing 

Drug testing in the workplace is used by a growing range of UK businesses as a safety critical element of their Health and Safety Policy. The ease of use and immediate results obtained from using on-site rapid lateral flow drug test kits, allows minimal disruption to operations when all negative screen results are obtained.

UKAS accredited laboratory drug test

We recommend all non-negative screening results are confirmed using an UKAS accredited laboratory test. The lab that we use for confirmation drug testing is UKAS accredited and uses a procedure called liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry-mass spectrometry (LCMSMS) confirmation testing

Confirmation drug testing using a lab pack will identify the specific drug or metabolite in the sample and measure the quantity present. This ensures employers have met their responsibility to confirm any positive results using the highest standards possible before taking actions with employment consequences for the individual employee concerned.

To enable all employers to stay compliant with guidance we sell UKAS accredited back to lab packs which contain everything needed to complete a single drug group confirmation test. Samples are sent for drug testing to the UK lab in the UK approved sample transport containers in a pre-paid Royal Mail Tracked 24 service pouch.

What are the laboratory drug test cutoff levels?

Laboratory drug test cutoff levels are predefined thresholds used to determine whether a drug test result is positive or negative. These levels are established to ensure consistency and reliability in drug testing. 

How long does the laboratory drug test result take to come back?

Laboratory samples are processed and reported within 3-5 working days after receipt of the samples at the lab. The drug results are sent to us by the lab and we will then email the results to the email address on the order.

Filling in the laboratory drug test forms correctly

It is critical that the paperwork forms are completed in full to have the sample accepted for chain of custody reporting.

Please watch our video guide below on how to complete the documentation paperwork required to ensure your samples are accepted and not rejected due to incomplete evidence. This service is a legally defensible full chain of custody drug test report, intended to defend employer actions in any resulting employment tribunal following action taken against an employee who fails a drug test at work. 

Watch our video guide on how to complete the laboratory paperwork for the lab confirmation drug test


What if I'm home drug testing using a laboratory test?

We understand the laboratory drug test packs are occasionally used for self testing and in other situations where you may consider the document questions are irrelevant or do not apply.

It is still very important to fill in the laboratory drug test forms correctly so please watch our video guide on which parts of the form have to be completed in this situation, to avoid having the sample rejected by the lab.

Need help completing your UK Drug Testing lab confirmation drug test forms

If you are still unsure or have any doubt when completing the forms, please call our customer service team for assistance before returning the pack to the lab, to prevent the samples being rejected by the lab due to an error filling in the forms.

UK Drug Testing customer support team are available by website chat, telephone and email support Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm (excludes bank holidays)

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