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We are one of the UK's leading drug testing companies, here's why!

In the United Kingdom, UK Drug Testing plays a pivotal role in safeguarding workplace environments, promoting safety, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Our commitment to accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency, while provide a comprehensive and innovative range of drug testing kits and drug screening products tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries.

Customised drug testing solutions for UK companies

We recognise that each organisation has unique requirements, and that their company drug testing should reflect this, and be tailored to the demographic of their workforce. UK Drug Testing offer customised solutions tailored to meet specific needs and demographics. Whether it's implementing a comprehensive drug testing program or conducting one off drug screenings, we can work with your company to develop strategies that align with your objectives and budgetary constraints.

Educational resources:

In addition to drug testing services, UK Drug Testing provides UK companies with online educational resources and online training programs to help employers understand and become familiar with the drug testing products, and the importance of drug-free workplaces and importance of fostering a culture of health and safety within organisations. We also have resources to help companies include a drug and alcohol policy into their policy development.

Continuous improvement and innovation:

As a company UK Drug Testing is committed to continuous improvement and staying abreast of advancements in drug testing, new technology, best practices and changes in drug use and misuse in the UK. By investing in research and development, developing new combinations of drug testing kits with enhancements in accuracy, sensitivity and specificity, we are able to continually increase the reliability of the drug testing methodologies, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality drug testing services possible. We have this year led the way in the introduction of the latest ultra sensitive and ultra rapid drug testing kits, which offer greater detection windows than standard sensitivity test drug membranes.

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Why you won't find a list of companies we supply drug testing kits to, used to promote UK Drug Testing

When we founded the company back in 2004 we made the decision that who we sold too, and what we supplied, would and should remain private. With a background in clinical medicine, both company directors understood the principal values of "private & confidential" and it has remained one of our core business values and practices to this day.

UKDrugTesting has discreetly, and confidently grown to supply some of the largest UK companies across sectors including the transport, construction, support and service sector, logistics and supply chain, engineering and manufacturing, including many leading FTSE100 names. We also supply several well know drug testing companies in the UK, and have a growing reputation supplying charities and NGOs working in the drug and alcohol rehab sector, as well as education, schools, universities and research projects

We pride ourselves in keeping many of them as satisfied customers over multiple years and over multiple purchases of our drug testing products. We have achieved this by offering a wide range of products at sensible prices which work, We back every one of our products with good customer services and support when you need it.

If you choose us to supply your drug and alcohol testing product requirements, you will be getting great all round value and service. You can also do so, with complete confidence that you will not find your company name, logo, or brand leveraged across any of our websites to promote our business.

Dr M J E Garside & Dr C J Garside. Directors ADTUK Ltd 

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