Drug Testing Services

Drug testing

UK Drug Testing offers a range of drug testing services including rapid drug testing for both urine and saliva, plus legally defensible drug testing with full chain of custody protocols for confirmation drug testing in the workplace.

Rapid onsite drug testing

drug testing

Rapid onsite drug testing with either urine or saliva, is the best option for most drug testing in the UK. It allows cost effective, reliable, fast frontline drug testing services to be operated in a range of environments including the workplace, healthcare,  schools, occupational health services and recruitment drug testing. You can either do the drug testing in house, or we can refer you to one of the many occupational drug testing services that we work with.

The majority of individuals drug tested will give a negative sample ie no drugs detected. The use of lateral flow rapid drug testing kits in this way, allows these negative results to be processed in under 10-15 minutes, in most cases. Individuals who test positive for drugs on a rapid lateral flow drug test will require further investigation and this may require  laboratory confirmation drug testing.


Legally defensible drug testing 

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Our laboratory confirmation drug testing packs provide legally defensible drug test results for a court of law or industrial tribunal, and our sample collection process follows a full chain of custody protocol.

Drug test results are supported by independent interpretations from our in house medical review officers, who can provide you with professional and objective advise on the significance of the lab drug test report allowing you to make informed decisions.

Defensible saliva confirmation drug testing

Our saliva drug testing pack design provides a fast and convenient dual specimen collection system. Saliva drug test confirmation offers a  non-invasive collection method and is ideal where the point of care screen has been performed using an instant saliva drug testing kit.  The chain of custody risk of specimen tampering is virtually eliminated using this method.

To see the range of drug group options available with full UKAS accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 see laboratory confirmation saliva drug testing pack

Defensible urine confirmation drug testing

Our urine drug testing lab packs remain the gold standard used in many regulated industries. Having been longer established than saliva drug testing the standards are now internationally adopted, with robust guidelines and procedures.

Urine drug testing also extends the window of detection further back in time giving 3-5 days detection for most common drug groups.

If your are using urine based drug testing panels or urine cup drug test kits for your on-site drug testing program in your workplace, it makes sense to confirm any non negative onsite drug testing results, with a full chain of custody protocol urine confirmation drug test.

To see the range of drug group options available with full UKAS accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 see laboratory confirmation urine drug testing pack