Faint Line On Drug Test

 faint line on a drug test

A guide to how to interpret a faint line on a drug test kit result

We have put together this guide to help you interpret faint lines on drug testing kits, and we have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions around the subject of a faint line on a drug test. As you can see from the image below of a urine drug test result, the strength of the result line can vary considerably, and some of the T lines on this drug test result are in fact quite faint.

faint line on a drug test

What does a faint line on a drug test mean?

How you interpret this variation in the drug test result line can cause a lot of confusion, but is actually quite straightforward. A faint T line with a visible C line is always a negative drug test result, on any drug test kit on which two lines is a negative result, ie no drugs detected above the cut off levels for the drug test, on the sample being tested.

Faint lines can just be a characteristic of certain drug test membranes, remember they are all testing to different sensitivities and the reagents are subject to the physiological variations of health human body fluids. Usually the faintest test result lines are found on Cannabis drug test results.

If the result line is thin and faint this has no meaning. It is still a clear negative result if a C line is also showing at the correct read time.

Do not attempt to draw any conclusion from the colour, thickness or faintness of the result line on a drug test. These rapid lateral flow drug tests are simple cut off results, positive or negative, with no quantitative ability.

Is a faint line still considered a negative drug test result?

Yes any result with two clearly visible lines ( the C line and the T line) even if one of the drug test results is a faint line as shown in this drug test result image above, is a negative result on a urine or saliva drug test.

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If the test line is faint on the drug test kit should we proceed to do a lab drug test?

As long as you have a clearly visible T line on the instant drug test that has appeared within the test time specified on the instructions for the drug test then there is no need to proceed to a lab drug test, unless you have a very strong reason to suspect that the individual being tested has taken drugs, or you suspect that the sample being drug tested has been tampered with in some way, or that the result may not be accurate for some other reason for example an individual drinking or washing out mouth just before a saliva drug test.

Barely visible line on a drug test result, is this still considered a negative result and what should we do next?

Wait for the full read time given in the instructions to complete and read the results at this time. The background should be clear white, with all the dye having flowed into the handle section of the strip or top of the cassette. Any T line with a C line at this time is a negative drug test result.

Does a barely visible line mean that you barely passed the drug test?

No. The result is negative for the drug at the specified sensitivity. None of the results 100% exclude drugs in the sample, only drugs in the sample at or above the cutoff levels specified. This is an important distinction. 

What is a ghost line on a drug test?

Ghost line is a term which evolved from the early home pregnancy tests, where a positive result is indicated by a T line (the reverse to a drug test) After several hours sometimes a very faint line developed on these tests as the background levels of Hcg reacted with the reagent forming really faint lines. Users were then ingnoring the correct read times for these tests and digitally enhancing the lines, convincing themselves they were pregnant.

Because of the negative binding technology used for drug test membranes, ghost lines are not a problem. Always read the result at the correct time and then dispose of the test.

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