Collection: Split Cup Drug Test Kits

Split key cup urine drug testing kits

Split cup drug test kits are an ideal choice for workplace drug testing, or in any situation where a separate sample, may need to be retained for laboratory drug testing. The split cup design of the drug test cup, means that the urine sample is split into two chambers. The drug test is then run on a small proportion of the urine sample in the rear chamber of the drug test cup, and only triggered using the key device, which locks the mechanism, maintaining the integrity of the remaining sample of urine. This gives testers the ability to use the remaining urine sample for laboratory confirmation drug test if required. 

ALLTEST split key drug test cup designs include :

  • Temperature strip in front chamber
  • 10 panel drug test (test for 10 drugs on one sample)
  • Minimum urine indication mark
  • Sample identification labels and seals
  • 3 pad adulteration test strip built into the drug test panel
  • Compression click lock easy close lid system
  • Orange activation key packed in lid
  • Each drug test cup is individually foil wrapped with a desiccant pouch to maintain accuracy.
  • Stores at room temperature

Split Key Cup Drug Test Instructions

Instructions must be followed to run the test correctly. A full set of instructions is sent with each order . If you misplace the split key cup drug testing kit instructions please contact customer support, who will email you another set or you can download a set below.

Download ALLTEST B1 Split Chamber Key Cup Instructions / data sheet