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May 2022

Fantastic thank you Kathy.

BP 19/5/22

Good Morning Kathy,

Thank you with all your help in helping me secure the correct test kits and getting our trial running. 

DD 19/522

Hi oh that's great! No worries at all, I'm glad they'll be coming soon 😊

MJ 18/5/22

"Very fast dispatch"

WH 17/5/22

Thank you very much for your help today. Best Wishes

JH 16/5/22

Thank you very much !

KS 16/5/22

Great product, price and speedy delivery. Used in a care setting and accuracy was important to us so did some research beforehand to ensure this was safe to use with our client group. Next Chapter Healthcare Ltd.

MC 14/5/22

"Very Effective"

AB 13/5/22

Thank you for a very prompt message. That's fine I’ve purchase, just wasn’t sure how it worked.
RE 11/5/22

Many thanks for your quick response, Kathy. 
No problem, I will check in at a later date.

AS 10/5/22

"Excellent and efficient service."

CK 10/5/22

Have used you before

MW 10/5/22

I have used google, your test packs are very reasonably priced.

RB 10/5/22

"All good here, the tests arrived promptly, were very reasonably priced and seem to work well. As a smoker of Cannabis I can recommend the 4 panel saliva tests for checking yourself. Please be aware that the detection limit is higher than the Drugwipe tests that the Police use so DO NOT take these as gospel but they are a good indicator in my opinion.

CA 6/5/22

Very happy with the product and its accuracy.

ZC 6/5/22

Many thanks for confirming, much appreciated.

SD 6/5/22

"I use UK drug testing regularly to purchase my saliva drug tests. The orders are shipped in a speedy and professional manner and I have no complaints with either their service or the tests themselves. "

DB 5/5/22

Thanks Kathy. This is really helpful. I think it would be the first test we would want to use, but presumably we need to have some follow up tests in stock then in case of a positive.

LB 5/5/22

"Easy to use" 

HM 4/5/22

"Used the product in anticipation of a work place medical. The sensitivity is very high allowing me to gauge accurately. This alone is a factor worth considering when buying as it allows you to be fully confident in passing any medical. Have since passed two workplace drink and drug tests confidently. Well worth the purchase."

AJ 4/5/22

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as our previous supplier not responding to orders and required for our works.

GB 3/5/22

Bought a test with special delivery one day and received it the next, all was good 👍

Gavin 2/5/22

Easy to use

HM 2/5/22

Looked on Google for home drug test kits

AW 2/5/22

To keep an eye on my teenage sons so that I worry less and ensure the truth is being told. Thank you.

JK 2/5/22

Used the product in anticipation of a workplace medical. The sensitivity is very high allowing me to gauge accurately. This alone is a factor worth considering when buying as it allows you to be fully confident in passing any medical. Have since passed two workplace drink and drug tests confidently. Well worth the purchase.

AJ 1/5/22

April 2022 

Found website through online search due to daughter being spiked when out clubbing

TH 30/4/22

Thank you so much I received my tests today. Thank u so much.

GS 29/4/22

Great, thank you Kathy for letting me know. Have a lovely weekend.

NC 29/4/22

Dealt with order very quickly, very pleased thank you 😁

SA 28/4/22

Thank you Kathy, that's great.

LW 27/4/22

Absolutely thank you so much for your fast replies. Very much appreciated .

GS 27/4/22

"Very quick & easy to use"

MN 26/4/22

Hi Kathy, thank you for quick reply. Lovely to speak with you.

FC 25/4/22

Thank you very much.

JR 25/4/22

Found you on Google, reasonable prices, good website. Thank you

HH 22/4/22

Appreciate your and team members help for my requests.

Thank you😊

HZ 22/4/22

Many thanks. Kind regards.

JR 21/4/22

Thank you so much for sending this information over. Hope you have a good day. Many Thanks & Kind Regards.

AF 20/4/22

Very quick and easy delivery arrived in discreet packaging. The process of testing described via pictures as well as short, incisive and clear paragraphs, was simple whilst very speedy. Determining results again was something that most people could work out easily...No matter their capabilities and the variety of substances the product is able to detect was very broad. All in all can't fault what I paid for. 10/10 "

JB 19/4/22

"Spot on fast results. Unlike other tests on the internet. Deffos my favourite."

SH 14/4/22

"Priced very competitively - quick delivery - good quality"

JD 14/4/22

Thank you so much for your very kind donation for Ukraine. Waites & Stones have now collected and we genuinely overwhelmed with your generosity.

We can’t thank you enough for your help and support. 

With our very warmest regards, 

Hannah 13/4/22

Fast delivery. Excellent service. Many thanks***

CL 11/4/22

The order has now been received. Thank you for keeping me updated, and thanks for such a prompt service.

MB 08/4/22

That’s fine. Thank you so much for your help. 

JS 05/4/22

That’s great, thank you.

JN 05/4/22

All clear with no issues.

KK 04/4/22

"Very useful kits to test our drivers"

RP 04/4/22

Ok thank you very much.

EG 01/4/22

March 2022

Thanks so much I really appreciate it. Thanks for your help :).

MT 31/3/22

Fast delivery. top seller..thanks for your services 👌 .

CN 30/3/22

Great product as described many thanks. NHS DRUG TESTING KIT 1 x 7 DRUG PANEL TESTS.

NN 29/3/22

Straightforward, informative and user friendly

TC 27/3/22

"Perfect, thank you."

JC 25/3/22

Previous Purchaser

AM 25/3/22

The drug testing kit was very good, as my wife takes a lot of pills for different conditions she was worried what was in them. Now we have used it, she is much happier taking them

TP 24/3/22

Hi Linda. Thanks for your help. Kind regards.

PW 24/3/22

Happy with purchase thank you will buy again.

LL 23/3/22

Thanks! Kind Regards.

EG 22/3/22

Really helpful staff and a very quick delivery

BL 21/3/22

"Excellent service over the phone. Returned call as promised by your staff. Guidance on how to purchase and if there were any issues. Many thanks... Ps. Reassuring that poppy seeded bread gives you a positive heroin test!!! "

JB 21/3/22

Excellent service, fast delivery.

JB 18/3/22

Very pleased with this purchase thank you.

PT 18/3/22

 "Quick delivery "

PS 17/3/22

Great service excellent product would recommend and re -purchase.

RA 16/3/22

Excellent service, fast delivery.

JB 15/3/22

"Great little kit easy to use and understand."

JS 15/3/22

Fantastic service and fast delivery.

DM 14/3/22

Found site through a google search for best breathalyzers in the UK. Utilized reviews to make the determination to purchase.

DS 14/3/22

"Very helpful. Quick delivery and keep you updated with all offers"

NR 11/3/22

Found on Google. Thought your price was fair and you do the one that I require

PW 9/3/22

Used ALLTEST 13 panel saliva drug and alcohol testing kits for screening for over 4 years. As a repeat buyer of these test panels I can testify to their accuracy and ease of use. We have always found this company reliable and easy to buy from and the products have always arrived promptly and worked well without any issues. The company seems to have the biggest range and the prices have not changed since we started using this test.

EB 8/3/22

Used this cup (ALLTEST 10 Panel E-Z UK standard industry drug test integrated split key cup drug test kits Urine DOA-1107-B1-TCA/BARas they did not have the usual 13 cup I normally get. Not as straight forward and a few less tests and the video was good to see how it worked. Results all as expected so all good. Would still go for the 13 cup when it's available as its easier. 

GM 8/3/22

Very speedy on delivery no problems whatsoever. Many thanks! :-)

JS 7/3/22

Very speedy on delivery no problems whatsoever. Many thanks! :-)

JS 7/3/22

Staff are really helpful especially Kath. Keep up the good work. 😀😀😀

AF 4/3/22

Thank you Kathy, really appreciate it. All the best

CW 4/3/22


Value for money, quick delivery, came days before original date

NM 3/3/22

Excellent service. Prompt delivery. Thanks

FX 0/3/22

Always good service

JA 3/3/22

Quick dispatch, A***

SG 3/3/22

February 2022

Found UK Drug Testing on Google. Suspecting employees to be hungover and under the influence of drink/drugs on Monday mornings.

KR 28/2/22

Always friendly customer service and next day delivery.

GP 28/2/22

"Very pleased with the service, after ordering the 13 panel drug test I was shortly contacted by the team of it being out of stock, they was able to send out a 10 panel test instead and refunded the difference the same day. I was only needing the test for thc after 11 years of addiction more for peace of mind that it was out of my system. It was a faint negative after 30 days of detox so I will be ordering again at the end of the week after 80 days of recovery to ensure it is a clear negative. I was taking diazepam for anxiety when confirmed on the test that benzo was positive. Very happy and would definitely recommend to anyone. "  

LC 24/2/22 

"Very easy and quick to use"

CE 23/2/22

"Very good quality "

SM 22/2/22

"Just a brilliant thing "

SW 22/2/22

Just a brilliant thing

SF 21/2/22

Hi I run it in water and it did work. Thank you, it can’t have been enough time in the mouth. Thank you for your advice.

PP 21/2/22

Excellent service and products - always reliable.

LS 21/2/22

"Good service"

SR 18/2/22

Good services from UK Drug Testing

MB 18/2/22

Excellent. Bought to test my teenager. Worth it just for the look on their face, let alone the positive result. Don't think weed will be an issue in our house anymore. 

Penny 17/2/22

Excellent test kit.. quick results. Put my mind at rest and well priced with quick delivery

GM 17/2/22

Thank you very much for your help and prompt service!!!

JM 17/2/22

I found you on Google. Reasonably priced.

DW 16/2/22

That's great, thank you very much. 

MH 16/2/22

That would be excellent, thank you for your help with this Linda.

RJ 15/2/22

Goods arrived in good time.

AS 14/2/22

Thank you, that’s great and thank you for supplying these tests to us.

JL 11/2/22

That's great, thank you very much. 

NR 11/2/22

Very good and professional customer service was given to us

HK 10/2/22

I order from Sweden and is very pleased with my orders från UK drug testing, even after brexit. Good service and delivery on point, nothing to complain about.

DC 10/2/22

Have used you before

DP 10/2/22

Excellent product and exceptional service 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

AA 8/2/22

Very easy to place an order. Paid £9.95 for next day delivery but did not arrive until the following day which was disappointing. When item became faulty customer service was excellent, organising a replacement part and then the whole unit.

MR 8/2/22

Thanks for the quick response - will use you in future.

AL 8/2/22

100% accurate

ID 7/2/22

Excellent product professional workplace drug testing kits 1 panel to test 7 drugs
LC 6/2/22
Great Item Roadside 6 drug saliva drug testing kits DSD-863 MTD Special Offer.
Fast delivery, thank you.
SC 5/2/22

Searched online , seemed like the cheapest I could find.

SL 4/2/22

Item as described, received by the estimated delivery time.

MC 4/2/22

Fast delivery, accurate results. Thank you

KW 3/2/22

Previous customer

MR 3/2/22

Thanks very much.

SM 3/2/22

"Very good service, fast shipping and reliable products "

CB 2/2/22

Friends recommended UK Drug Testing

CN 2/2/22

Found UK Drug Testing through an Internet search with the most information about the tests available

SC 1/2/22

Found on Google, read the reviews. Some of the other sites reviews are a bit suspect. Comprehensive test for a reasonable price.

LM 1/2/22

January 2022

Thanks. NHS ready.

DC 31/01/2022

Great service

AF 28/1/22

Found UK Drug Testing from search engine. Value for money for what I want

HS 28/1/22

Couldn't be more happy with your service! I first ordered the 13 Panel cup test but I had a call to say that they only had the 10 panel cup test so I was refunded the odds back to me, I was only really testing for THC but I wanted to cover more testing just for the experience. I was negative for all drugs apart from benzo which I expected to come back positive anyways because they are my prescribed medication!. I will definitely use this service again and will recommend anyone to use this service too. Thank you so much.

Lisa 27/1/22

Return customer

JH 27/1/22

Found UK Drug Testing via web search after looking on amazon for similar products and liked your demo videos.

MR 27/1/22

"I would definitely recommend UK Drug Testing as my test arrived before my estimated delivery date. As this was my first time ordering a urine test for my partner I was a little sceptical but the result was extremely accurate. It was so simple to understand and there’s a number for you to call if you’re unsure how to read the results but it’s really straightforward. "

AC 26/01/2022

"Great service and always so helpful. Highly recommend. MT Jamie "

JD 25/1/22

We have – many thanks for your help.

DE 25/01/2022

Thank you very much for the response.  That helps a lot. 


FM 25/01/2022

Thanks for the update 🙂

TB 25/01/2022

"Excellent service and best quality products, delivered in a timely manner. Very reliable."

DE 24/1/22

Found UK Drug Testing on a Google search - good choice and good information. Fair pricing

NW 22/01/2022

Thank you for your quick reply, Kathy. We’ll raise an order today.

AP 20/01/2022

"Excellent products at very competitive prices. Good product support in the form of clear & concise YouTube User guides. The products are simple to use The delivery service is excellent."

TM 19/01/2022

Very prompt response to my order.

PC 18/1/22

"Great to get tests delivered quickly to my home"

DW 18/01/2022

Great service, very fast delivery, straightforward to use.

SB 17/1/22

Hi, a really helpful lady on your customer support service. Many thanks

JF 17/01/2022

"Always use as always quick postage and accurate easy to use, sensitive tests."

CH 17/01/2022

Thank you so much I have received it.

EO 17/01/2022

Great service, very fast delivery, straightforward to use.

SB 14/01/2022

Many thanks Helen 😊

HK 12/01/2022

Thank you for the information, I have placed an order for two.

HS 10/01/2022

Thanks, that’s much appreciated.

LR 10/01/2022

Search, only kit that was surface swab.

SF 10/01/2022

Thank you ever so much. Have a lovely evening.

SA 07/01/2022

"Kits are fantastic and UK drug Testing were very helpful in dealing with and queries I had."

DB 06/01/2022

Thank you. I received it today.

CO 05/01/2022

That’s brilliant Linda- will sort!

AR 05/01/2022

That's great, thank you very much. 

CD 04/01/2022

Thank you Kathy, much appreciated. Have a good afternoon.

TN 04/01/2022


Very good seller, I recommend

ZB 01/01/2022


Excellent..very efficient and professional.
Thank you

CW 31/12/21

Very prompt response to my order.

PC 31/12/21

"As described product for professional use in a rehab setting. Fast delivery. A+++"

AP 31/12/2021

"Great variety of tests. Speedy delivery."

VG 31/12/2021

Really fast posting, perfect thank you *****

SG 30/12/2021

Thanks Helen.

KJ 29/12/2021

Previously purchased

DH 27/12/2021

Thank you. I have forwarded this on to my accounts team to make purchase. Thank you.

JH 24/12/2021

'Yes thank you it was delivered '

SW 23/12/2021

Thank you. 5 x NICOTINE COTININE SMOKING URINE TEST STRIP (ultra 100ng test kits).

KS 23/12/2021

Many Thanks & Happy Christmas.

SJ 22/12/2021 

Many thanks  for your understanding in this matter 

LK 21/12/2021 

Prompt delivery, and very pleased with product,excellent value.

RH 21/12/2021

Quality item as described. Fast delivery, excellent customer service and communication.

LB 21/12/2021

Thank you so much for your reply.
That information helps a lot
JB 21/12/21


That’s brilliant thank you very much for this.

MH 20/12/2021

Thank you so much for your time and your efforts, Kathy. Best wishes.

SW 17/12/2021

Great products.

A 14/12/2021 

"Found the tests to be very accurate. Strongly suspected drug use, tested and it was positive. Would definitely buy again "

JC 13/12/2021

Very discreet

TW 13/12/21

Thanks so much.

DS 13/12/2021

Magic many thanks.

RS 13/12/2021

"I thought it was a good test for it’s money "

SW 10/12/2021

Good product. Fast dispatch.

CD 09/12/2021

Received the Drug Testing Kit in good time and am satisfied with the product

AB 8/12/21

I have purchased from you before and will purchase from you again in future.

JL 07/12/2021 

Very easy to use and package came in post within 2 days

JB 03/12/2021

"Very easy to use and package came in post within 2 days"

JB 03/12/2021

Thanks heaps Kathy.

SW 03/12/2021

Competitive price, arrived very quickly, will continue to use them with our substance misuse team.

JD 01/12/2021

Brilliant, thank you so much! No worries :) Have a good day.

MB 01/12/2021


Excellent service.Very quick delivery, highly recommend this company

MT 29/11/21

Quick delivery, as described, recommended!

CD 28/11/21

Thanks for letting me know, and for such a speedy response.

AJ 26/11/2021

A million thanks! Much appreciated, Kathy.

RD 25/11/2021

"Competitive price, arrived very quickly, will continue to use them with our substance misuse team."

JD 24/11/2021

Well priced, accurate and reliable kits for workplace testing. Delivery is astoundingly quick as well

DR 24/11/21

That would be great thank you Helen

KT 24/11/2021

Easy to use and I use this website because its is my company's preferred supplier

ZB 23/11/2021

Thank you once again. Yes, my colleague  has forwarded them to me.

NA 23/11/2021

Thank you so much. x

ER 23/11/2021

Wonderful. Many thanks.

RB 23/11/2021

A million thanks, much appreciated Kathy

RD 22/11/2021

Called and spoke to Helen regarding this product. She was very helpful.

AM 22/11/21

Received promptly thanks.

TM 19/11/2021

Great, highly recommended. Saliva tests DSD865.

ST 17/11/2021

Thank you very much for the reply and reassuring to read.

SM 16/11/2021

Thank you so much for your speedy attention as always. 

CS 15/11/2021

Bought Roadside 6 Drug Test Saliva Drug Testing Kits DSD-863D MTD Special Offer. Perfect people to deal with thank you.

Regards Tony 14/11/2021

Fantastic thank you. 

TB 12/11/2021

I called up and got some of the best advice I have ever received from a telephone call in years, The lady I spoke to was very helpful and informed me about GCMS tests.

OM 11/11/2021

Just looked up drug test urine and it came up near the top on google

MS 09/11/2021

Hey the reason I bought this drug test is because, I thought I had to test my son it turns out I know he had been smoking weed because I could smell it on his clothing so this is an issue for me and my son, I new I had to nip this in the bud straight away. And guess what happened after about a week of it starting he’d stopped and I didn’t need to Test him once. Thank god. But I will keep it just in case. Thank you."

JK 08/11/2021

I called up and got some of the best advice I have ever received from a telephone call in years, The lady I spoke to was very helpful and informed me about GCMS tests. I have memory issues and cannot remember her name, but whoever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you take care and have a good day. No delivery Instructions other than. Get them to me asap in the morning please. Thank you

TH 08/11/21 

Really accurate, fast delivery

PC 7/11/21

Found you on Google. Correct sensor (white ring), cheap, reasonable shipping costs to Germany.

DT 07/11/21

Found your site by online search.

FR 05/11/2021

That's great, thank you very much.

RO 04/11/2021

"Outstanding customer service!"

GP 04/11/2021

Thanks Kathy.  Much appreciated. Thank you for quick help. 

KC 03/11/21

Thank you Kathy. I really appreciate it. Have a lovely day. 

KM 03/11/21

Thank you. A great item and fast delivery. Highly reccomended.

CB0 03/11/21

Great product and transaction

MA 03/11/21

Very fast and an effective service. Due to this, I’ve been using UK Drug testing for years

AR 03/11/21


All perfect thank you for such quick email back.

JR 29/10/2021

Very pleased with purchase and prompt delivery.

PG 28/10/2021

Thank you so much I’ve now placed the correct order. Thank you for you understanding.

WC 28/01/2021

Have used you before

DP 28/10/21 

"Very reliable & can detect for longer period than some other tests."

AC 26/10/2021

Thanks Kathy, much appreciated.

AD 26/10/2021

Many thanks for the prompt delivery.

CA 22/10/2021

Thanks for all your help Linda.

PD 21/10/2021

Thank you so much for the clarification  I thought this was the case. 

LS 21/10/2021

Thank you so much. That's a super quick response.

GA 18/10/2021

Arrived promptly. Great service.

CM 15/10/2021

Many thanks, very helpful. Kind response.

FC 14/10/2021

Thanks for the information - I will now order the correct test.

PD 14/10/2021

That’s great thanks.

LR 12/10/2021

Fast delivery. Accurate test packs.

TG 08/10/2021

Hello. That is very kind and generous of you, thank you. The postal delivery should know not to leave it with neighbours here as I have requested before they do not. I have now filled in their online form (again) to request this does not happen. I am sorry to have been a nuisance, I am cross with Royal Mail not your service or products. Thank you for everything.

CA 07/10/2021

A* seller and very good communication. Products as described. Thank you

MB 07/10/2021

The quickest delivery ever. brilliant item.

MM 07/10/2021

Excellent I’ve started using already thank you

BD 07/10/2021

Recommended by an associate

JB 06/10/2021 

Thank you very much for the confirmation.

JE 06/10/2021

Many thanks for the update, much appreciated.

CO 06/10/2021

A ++++ fast delivery would definitely shop here again actually already on next purchase 😀  thank you.

CB 02/10/2021

"UK Drug Testing is a very approachable organisation. There's always someone to help with queries and their products are excellent quality and easy to use. I recommend this company and its products."

PS 01/10/2021

Spoke to lovely lady on the phone really helpful. Gave great advice.

MJ 01/10/2021

September 2021

Super thank you so much!

ZA 29/09/2021


Great service. Thank you 😊  for helping us

TG 28/9/21

We have ordered from you in the past

KM 27/9/21

Received parcel today ☺ Thank you so much for your quick response and resolved problem.

GR 27/09/2021

"Perfect! Nothing to complain about."

DC 24/09/2021

We are in the fire protection industry and have a varied age group workforce. We need this test to get onto some of the sites we work on.

SB 23/09/2021

Bought for research.

GB 22/09/2021

Found UK Drug Testing via google and reviews for the specific type test we need were good

RB 21/09/2021

"Reliable, quick test. "

AB 20/09/2021

Hi Nick. Thank you so much for your help, it is much appreciated. We have placed the order.

DA 17/09/2021

Great personal customer services, was abit unsatisfied but was dealt with a very helpful customer support advisor and problem was rectified instantly. 5 star services provided

SR 17/9/21

"Very helpful and knowledgeable staff and quick delivery. Recommended."

JW 16/09/2021

As a first time purchaser of kits for work I was lost on the website as to where to start. A quick phone call and the help and advice they gave me was huge, including how to use the kits. Saved me so much time and probably money. Kits arrived very quickly complete with full, understandable instructions. Excellent service!

FE 15/9/21

Tests needed for new employees prior to commencing work

TB 14/9/21

Found you on Google Reason for testing is to protect my daughter, we've recently found out her dad is smoking cannabis but lied to us about it, so we want to drug test him before we proceed with any contact sessions in future. I don't want my daughter around someone that smokes cannabis etc.

SG 12/9/21

Googled drug tests you came up first

VP 10/9/21

"Easy to order on web site and delivered promptly "

JI 10/09/2021

Excellent item as described. quick service thank you very much.5x Prescription / street Drug Test Kit - 10 Panel Ketamine Benzodiazepine Opiate.

MC 09/09/2021

Excellent service every time I order.

TK 7/9/21

Easy cocaine test kits.

AB 07/09/2021

"Super fast delivery and very helpful accurate results, helped narrow down a positive opioid result. Turns out some vape juice contains Diacetyl which gives a positve opioid result. Never would have known otherwise and glad to say once stopped vaping after a couple of days it was negative."

CC 06/09/2021

Good description of item. Delivery by expected date. Well packaged.

JH 02/09/2021

If you need to test yourself this test is the best, tells no lies.

AR 01/09/2021

August 2021

"Exactly as expected, quick delivery. Happy, thanks"

SB 26/8/2021 

"Generally the service has always been very good."

MB 25/08/2021

Thank you for your fast response regarding this issue, it is much appreciated!

LS 24/08/2021

"Quick delivery and good and accurate product "

IS 24/08/2021

Received quickly, all in all 5 star service.

SH 21/08/2021

 Does what it says on the tin. Drug Testing Kit with Urine Collection Cup 13 in 1.

RA 19/08/2021

Recommended by an associate.

SA 18/08/2021

"Excellent service and excellent product. Amazingly fast delivery of critical items."

DE 17/08/2021

"Very efficient and easy to use"

GS 17/08/2021

Returning customer

TG 17/08/2021

Very efficient and easy to use

GS 16/08/2021

Delighted. Thank you. 

GG 16/08/2021

Excellent thanks. AL7000 Replacement Sensor.

GF 10/08/2021

Great service thanks.

BD 09/08/2021

Thanks prompt delivery.

PL 06/08/2021


AB 05/08/2021

Thank you very much.This is the 1st time we have received something like this for our orders. Greatly appreciated.

DA 04/08/2021

Thank you for the update.

PR 04/08/2021

Thank you and no problem.

FC 03/08/2021

Bing search for drug wipes.

LM 02/08/2021

July 2021

Thank you very much for all your help with this.

CO 30/07/2021

I used google to find drug testing kit. The site is easy to navigate.

JS 29/07/2021

Many thanks for your reply.

JH 28/07/2021

Prompt delivery. Thank you.

MG 27/07/2021

Initially found you on a web search. Very happy with the service and the product so stored you in favourites.

TK 26/07/2021

That's great, thank you very much. 

CH 23/07/2021

"Fast service, easy to use"

CT 22/07/2021

Returning customer.

MR 21/07/2021

That's great, thank you. 

CH 20/07/2021

Very fast service. Very good product. Highly recommended.

PP 20/07/2021

Quick delivery as described. 5 x Breathalyser France NF 0.0 0.2 0.5% Alcohol Breath Approved Kit Breathalyzer.

JP 19/07/2021

Excellent service and products - always reliable.

LS 16/7/21

Found the site on chrome.. Read the reviews and very helpful.

BS 16/07/2021

Fab service - parcel received already.  Thanks for your help.

PR 15/07/2021

Thanks so much for your informative email. Should we wish to go ahead then I will be in contact again in due course.

HB 15/07/2021

I received the delivery yesterday afternoon – thanks again for all your help.

BM 15/07/2021

"Very good advice & service "

MY 14/07/2021

"I received my order in super fast time. I've used a test and its super efficient and the lines are so clearly visible. Will order again."

MS 13/07/2021


LD 12/07/2021

"Very good kits and more reliable than swab kits"

JD 09/07/2021

Thank you for your response. Much appreciated.

MT 07/07/2021

Excellent service. Good products and fast delivery.

DE 06/07/2021

Thanks guys only ordered it because I was at a party and people where smoking weed and I was worried I might have been positive from it but I'm all clear thanks no more parties where its going on lol thanks again!

BK 06/07/2021

The site is easy to navigate and lay out really good, my order is a test order as I placed a order with another company that seems to have scammed me.

CP 04/07/2021

Always fast delivery

PA 01/07/2021

June 2021

Tests work well! 10/10.

GG 30/06/2021

Fast delivery and excellent product.

SS 29/06/2021

Well that’s a nice email to have, more company’s should take on this policy !!! Nice to be thought about even after the purchase !! Really appreciate that and will be using you guys again and I will recommend your company to others.

CH 28/06/2021

Speedy and efficient thank you

FST 25/06/2021

"Is very good"

WD 25/06/2021

I have ordered from this site several times in the past. Tests are ideal for what I need them for.

GW 23/06/2021

"Very Quick and helpful service"

SM 22/06/2021

Excellent fast service.

NB 22/06/2021

Everything has been very satisfactory thank you. Great service.

JA 21/06/2021

Thank you very much Kathy 😊

ST 21/06/2021

"Excellent. Rapid and efficient"

MN 21/06/2021

Quick delivery and easy to use product, it gave clear results in a short time, I will be ordering more.

SC 18/6/21

Thanks, this is the product which I wanted.

AG 18/06/2021

"Quick delivery great service "

RC 15/06/2021

"Brilliant service, very fast delivery, definitely use the service again."

SB 15/06/2021

Thank you for the information.

SC 14/06/2021

Was searching online for drug testing kits. The prices of your kits seemed reasonable

HH 11/06/2021

Brilliant. Thank you. They worked successfully x 10 x KETAMINE DRUG SCREENING/TESTING TEST KIT ( STRIPS )

SF 10/06/2021

"I am a returning customer and as always, have been really pleased and impressed with the ease of ordering and the efficiency in terms of a quick delivery. Many thanks!"

LB 09/06/2021

"Always very prompt with delivery, very good customer service!"

MT 08/06/2021

Needed drug test before being prescribed ADHD medication. (and my Doctor doesn't do uds testing for some unknown reason 🤷‍♀️)

JM 07/06/2021

Always purchase from this site.

JD 04/06/2021

"Good product, very accurate Would use again"

GM 03/06/2021

"Amazing service go above and beyond for you "

CD 03/06/2021

Thanks for your help with this. Regards.

MA 02/06/2021

"Excellent service"

DC 01/06/2021


May 2021

Hi Kathy. Thanks for sorting this.

VR 27/05/2021

Thanks Kathy. 

AK 24/05/2021

Work exactly as they promised they would.

AN 20/05/2201

Very helpful as it is a very accurate test.

AE 20/05/2021

Thank you so much for your help.

DA 20/05/2021

Thankyou for your prompt reply, I appreciate it and I understand. Mistakes happen, we're only human. Thanks for sending the other 2. Kind regards.

NC 20/05/2021

Google search as test needed to test new employee prior to working for me

TB 19/05/2021

Excellent service and products - always reliable.
LS 18/05/2021


We usually purchase the 6-panel saliva test kits. Pricing is competitive. On the odd occasion that I have had to call, the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Thoroughly recommend the company.

CH 17/05/2021

Thank you very much for your help & excellent customer service.

ST 17/05/2021

Thank you, I appreciate the prompt and helpful customer service and replacement item.

MA 17/05/2021

"Prompt and efficient service"

MG 14/05/2021

Does what it says on the tin and in most cases more so. The tests purchased stated detection for 5 days but intact was 7-9 days."

TD 14/05/2021

Hi Kathy, thanks so much for your help!

SB 10/05/2021

Thanks very much it’s appreciated. 

RO 10/05/2021

Thank you for your email & confirmation of delivery.

DK 10/05/2021

"Quick delivery, great communication . Great product ! "

AD 03/05/2021

Thank you for letting me know.

SH 06/05/2021

April 2021

"These work extremely well. Can still detect even 7 days after use "

GK 30/04/2021

Parcel arrived as expected, fast efficient service

NA 28/4/21

Very easy to order, very quick delivery. Extremely easy to use tests.

BB 28/4/21

"Easy to use and quick result time. Would recommend to anyone. "

AF 27/04/2021

Thank you.

ZT 27/04/2021

I found your site online, I'm looking to buy from your company as it has great reviews.

KT 26/04/2021

"Very prompt service"

CW 23/04/2021

Morning Kathy. All received this morning – thank you so much 😊 Its really lovely doing business with you 😊😊

CO 22/04/2021

Brilliant – Thank you so much.

CO 21/04/2021

Perfect. thank you.

PC 21/04/2021

Fast service. Clear instructions. Easy to use. Competitive price. Splendid!

SM 20/4/21

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I appreciate it.

RD 19/04/2021

Found my son snorting ketamine, so a google search for home tests brought me to your website.

LA 19/04/2021

Peace of mind for family members. I need something that I could do at home that was affordable.

BL 16/04/2021

Great thanks. 

SK 15/04/2021

"This was quick and easy to complete "

DT 15/04/2021

That's amazing thankyou so much. Kind regards.

BC 14/04/2021

Thank you so much for your help and efficiency.

DB 12/04/2021

Thank you, fast service they arrived today!

MB 12/04/2021

Thank you for this. I will get them in the post today.

DB 08/04/2021

Thank you !!

SF 08/04/2021

Thank you ever so much hopefully It gets hear b4 the 14th 🙈 

SW 08/04/2021

"I have always found UK Drug Testing's on-line ordering to be fast and efficient. The products are of a good standard and I will certainly order again"

MM 07/04/2021

Received package today thank you very much.

IS 07/04/2021

Very good service

MM 6/4/21 

Thanks, just made my order.

FH 06/04/2021

A health worker supplied the link to this website.

JS 2/4/21

Very good, fast delivery and amazing price ... Highly recommend.

DH 01/04/2021

March 2021

Thank you for your email, looking forward to receiving the product.

IS 31/03/2021

I am using UK Drug Testing products to help me in court to win custody over my children. They are hard evidence and very useful.

NF 29/03/2021

Been using in home environment for a teenager who has been abusing substances. I have found these a great tool for ensuring honesty. Kits are easy to use and accurate. Service is always fantastic with efficient delivery and excellent customer service and communication throughout. "

TM 29/03/2021

"Excellent service"

AN 29/03/2021

5 stars . Arrived on time

IP 24/03/2021

Lovely very fast delivery 😍  5 x NICOTINE COTININE SMOKING URINE TEST STRIP (ultra 100ng test kits)

FP 24/03/2021

Great product and fast delivery

ST 22/03/2021

Recommended by drug support group

AC 22/03/2021

Used UK Drug Testing many times

PL 19/03/2021

Arrived super quick, and very good quality for the price, brilliant!!!!

LS 160/3/2021 via Google

Fast reliable service . Very Helpful company to deal with.

CC 16/03/2021

That's great, thank you very much. 

RS 15/02/2021

Very good tests great help from customer service and very fast delivery

HK 12/03/2021

Excellent service and products - always reliable.

LS 12/03/2021

I appreciate how quickly you responded. Excellent customer service.

CB 12/03/2021

It arrived yesterday, many thanks.

ST 12/03/2021

"Very accurate "

DS 05/03/2021

"Szybki wynik testu. Łatwy w obsłudze. "Quick test result. Easy to operate.

JJ 03/03/2021

"I have had accurate tests and quick delivery"

NA 02/03/2021

February 2021 

"Very accurate and easy to use"

SS 26/02/2021

"The urine 5 panel testing kits work within minutes and i found them to be accurate. Good purchase"

SC 26/02/2021

Thanks Kathy!

LP 25/02/2021

Thanks very much for your help, as always.

JE 25/02/2021

"Easy to use and cover lots different choices "

SK 22/02/2021

Thank you Helen 😊

ZT 22/02/2021

Very many thanks for all you help. Have a lovely weekend.

AB 19/02/2021

Thank you for your help, got my testing cup this morning..REGARDS

MS 17/02/2021

Thanks so much just wanted to have these in my home as I have a house full of teenagers and don't want them heading down the wrong road in life.

SM 16/02/2021

Thank you for sorting this for us.

MW 15/02/2021

"Really good product. Works"

SS 12/02/2021

The team really like these tests, good clear results and simple to use.

TR 12/02/2021

I appreciate your help and hope to be able to place an order in the very near future.

LF 12/02/2021

"Fast and legitimate would use again "

JS 12/02/2021

Many thanks for your help and assistance Linda. Stay safe and well.

KW 09/02/2021

Dear Kathy. Thank you that is very kind of you.

JS 05/02/2021

Thank you, we have located it now.

JH 05/02/2021

I have bought this product from you before.

CW 05/02/2021

That's great, thank you. 

BR 02/02/2021

Thanks a great help.

AJ 02/02/2021

"I am extremally happy with the service. "

RK 02/02/2021

January 2021 

"Excellent product. Reliable and easy to use."

AB 29/01/2021

Oh thankyou I wasn’t sure what it meant, silly me 🤦‍♀️

AM 29/01/2021

"Reliable and efficient service, delivery times are short I've now ordered from the company 4 times every order has been accurate, definitely worth a look"

AN 29/01/2021

"Prompt, efficient and easy to use service "

AN 29/01/2021

"Very good 👍"

LM 29/01/2021

"Great quality tests and the delivery times are fantastic. Thanks guys "

LS 29/01/2021

"I’m happy with the service and the price of the testing kits but I was a little mislead as the test was supposed to test for cannabis but when it arrived it tested for everything but cannabis although i ordered 2 of them on the basis of me searching for a cannabis test this is what showed up as cannabis testing :("

AM 29/01/2021

Looking for a testing kit to use for employees which was quick and easy to use.

HT 27/01/2021

Thanks for your prompt response, and advice on how to take the sample, which I have been carrying out as instructed. Many thanks for your help.

PN 25/012021

Googled substance testing kits.

LF 22/01/2021

Thank you so much for your assistance, it is much appreciated.

LJ 20/01/2021

Hi. Thank you for your quick response. Ah I'm glad it was just an error and not my bad.

BR 18/01/2021

Thank you very much Linda.

KC 15/01/2021

I have purchased kits from you before and found them easy to use and accurate. Also they were dispatched really quickly.

AQ 15/01/2021

Dear Kathy. Thank you so much for your prompt response, that’s brilliant thank you for confirming.

JJ 11/01/2021

This is hugely helpful. Thank you so much.

AP 11/01/2021

Testing if I will be clean for work drug testing just in case. Used substance over the holiday.

PC 08/01/2021

Thank you Helen. Both received thank you.

MA 08/01/2021

Hi Kathy. Thank you so much. Your help has been much appreciated.

AF 08/01/2021

"Product seems excellent with many tests, have a negative reading as expected but no real test conducted. I did however believe I was paying for two tests but only received one. "

PS 06/01/2021

"Very good, test seems reliable"

BG 06/01/2021

December 2020 

"Glad I spent the money for the kit, it proved very accurate and I am purchasing more kits. "

RM 29/12/2020

Merry Christmas by the way xx

JS 24/12/2020

"I have purchased this product on two occasions and I have to say it works. Very quick postage. Customer care was very professional and helpful."

AN 21/12/2020

I spoke to one of your colleagues today regarding in house drug testing within our company, she was very helpful with some good advice.

JG 21/12/2020

Thank you for the speedy reply. I have just received the parcel. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

PF 21/12/2020

Good afternoon Linda, Thank you for the update. We will keep checking the post. Have a good evening.

RP 18/12/2020

"Easy to order very efficient quick delivery very satisfied"

MS 18/12/2020

Appreciate that! Will let you know.

CP 14/12/2020

"UK Drug Testing have always offered me a professional and efficient service, with quality drug and alcohol testing equipment. The fact that I can also have my order within 1 working day makes me go back to them time and time again."

MF 14/12/2020

"Delivery took a while however very pleased with the packaging all sealed end very easy to use thankyou! Good peace of mind"

NB 10/12/2020

Many thanks again, your customer service is excellent!

RR 09/12/2020


RC 09/12/2020

"The only reason I'm not giving this company a 5* is because the second product I purchased took twice as long as the first item I purchased. Overall my items did what I needed them to do, would repurchase from this company "

EM 07/12/2020

"Excellent product - been using the same set of products for our clients for some time. Easy to use and efficient method. Customer support is also really good. Happy to recommend "

LS 07/12/2020

Does as it says. AlcoDigital AL7000 Breathalyzer With Replaceable Sensor UK Specification mg/L.

CD 04/12/2020

"Quick results and simple to use😀"

WB 03/12/2020

"Brilliant company bought tests from them for years .Always great prices and quick delivery "

KG 02/12/2020

November 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

Found this site when looking for drug tests on google. You seem like a good place to buy from, don't let me down please! No specific delivery instructions.

MW 30/11/2020

"Effective and easy to use. Does exactly what it says on the tin."

MR 30/11/2020

Found this site when looking for drug tests on google. You seem like a good place to buy from, don't let me down please! 

MW 29/11/20

"Good product but instructions need to be clearer about the need to "coat" the test stick with saliva when it is in the mouth and that the process may take some time."

EK 27/11/2020

Excellent service and products. Thank you!!!

AN 27/11/20

"Very quick and reliable, did what I needed it to and prove my partners allegations were lies, "

RP 25/11/2020

We are a homeless charity and you were recommended to us by our local Open Road service

NA 25/11/2020

Found site via Google. Reviewed your site giving details of background and on that basis decided to buy from you.

CW 23/11/2020

"Reliable tests and good prices"

WH 20/11/2020

Test worked as described and arrived the day after I ordered it. I called the company to ask a question and had the query answered immediately and effectively. 10/10 would recommend for service and efficiency.

AM 16/11/2020

"Extremely helpful; delivery super fast. "

MP 16/11/2020

"I have always received orders promptly. The post-sale customer service support is excellent too. I would highly recommend UK Drug Testing."

HC 16/11/2020

"Brilliant product and came very quick "

CN 16/11/2020

Thank you for the update Kathy.

DM 13/11/2020

Thanks for your reply. As I was reading it, the post lady rang the door bell and handed the item to me. They have been unable to deliver yesterday or Monday due to staff shortage so they have had to 'borrow' staff for today. Anyway, Ive received the item thank you.

DD 11/11/2020

Fantastic delivery time - received this morning, extremely impressed.

AM 09/11/2020

Thank you very much.

JP 09/11/2020

Thank you.

LW 09/11/2020

Many thanks Kathy, that’s great.

KR 09/11/2020

Thank you for your time.

CS 06/11/2020

That’s great, thanks for the update.

BS 06/11/2020

That's great, thank you very much.

AK 06/11/2020

I found you whilst doing an online search. A family member is quitting drugs.

TP 03/11/2020

We have just started on our policy to carry out random and with cause testing on our staff and the team at UK Drug Testing have been very helpful and informative throughout. I am very impressed with their YouTube video showing you how it works.

JC 02/11/2020

Outstanding service and customer service would highly recommended this company and their products to anyone.

FL 02/11/2020

Simple to use and a great price.

KR 02/11/2020

Easy to order, prompt next day delivery, and very simple to use. Highly recommended.

MP 02/11/2020

October 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

"Arrived in time and tests where accurate "

DB 30/10/2020

"Very quick service "

DO 26/10/2020

"Excellent product & easy process to purchase.. I would highly recommend this website & these products.. "

SB 26/10/2020

Thank you.

JL 23/10/2020

"Fast and professional service Awesome customer service staff Easy website Fast delivery means we can provide tests at a speed to clients in need"

LS 22/10/2020


GT 20/10/2020

"Excellent customer service"

GP 19/10/2020

I have used your service before and found it fast and helpful . I found the site by putting ‘ drug test ‘ into a search engine .

WP 19/10/2020

"Fast delivery "

GH 16/10/2020

Recommended by business colleague.

KN 15/10/2020

Ordered previously from you. Excellent service.

MC 13/10/2020

"Very discreet and easy transaction. "

AN 12/10/2020

"The testing kit was fantastic it did a aptly as advertised. Its given me the reassurance I needed. "

KK 09/10/2020

Hi Linda. First let me apologize for my brusque first message. Born out of frustration I am afraid. Now thank you for your speedy response and the remedial action. Kind Regards.

ME 09/10/2020

I’m absolutely amazed how easy to use. Comes properly packed and with a full instruction. I will use it again. Thank you for your great service!"

IV 09/10/2020

That's great thanks very much for the update. Many Thanks 🙂

RM 07/10/2020

"Easy and helpful "

FY 05/10/2020

"Excellent bit of kit that does what it says "

AB 05/10/2020

That’s brilliant Cathy thanks again.

RM 05/10/2020

Fantastic service, quick delivery.

AD 01/10/2020

Very fast service. The testing kits come with very good instructions and are easy to use. 

JD 01/10/2020

Great - that worked! Many thanks.

ST 01/10/2020

September 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

Return customer. Quick delivery and best price.

NG 30/09/2020

Site is easy to navigate and has clear information available. Communication via both email and over the phone goes above and beyond to ensure that I, as an employer understand what I need and which tests are appropriate. Kathy was exceptionally helpful and spent time with me exploring options so that the correct outcome is achieved. We will definitely be using UK Drug Testing again! Thank you!

EB 29/09/2020

Thank you very much

CN 28/09/2020

Excellent service. Super quick delivery!!!!! Very good quality!!!

GH 26/09/2020

"Very help full, accommodating and understanding"

RW 25/09/2020

Thank you for such good customer service. I shall contact if there are any problems.

RW 25/09/2020

Thank you I have now tracked down the parcel.

RW 23/09/2020

Thank you very much for your super speedy response and correcting my error, have a good day!

NE 23/09/2020

Found you online and the price was great thanks.

PG 22/09/2020

"We had an issue with one of the tests but customer service was excellent and sorted it out for us no fuss"

SK 21/09/2020

"Excellent Kits and fabulous after sales service. The phone is always picked up quickly and the team are super helpful and knowledgeable. Cannot recommend highly enough. "

LW 21/09/2020

"Tests are accurate. Easy to use. Arrived quick. Thank you. "

JM 21/09/2020

"Good service quick delivery."

VK 21/09/2020

Many thanks for your helpful email. I really appreciate it.

GW 18/09/2020

"Prompt delivery, reliable results. "

MW 17/09/2020

"Fab testing pots. Easy to use and fast delivery. Really surprised. "

CY 16/09/2020

"The product is good. It tests for more drugs and results are quick"

AV 16/09/2020

"The test kits have made things amazing for me I bought them to prove to everyone that I'm now clean and now I'm building trust up with my family and friends"

DS 16/09/2020

Just right.

TT 14/09/2020

"Very helpful when called for advice, always fast delivery service "

GJ 11/09/2020

"Have tested this product a few times against the police draeger and it has proven itself. Very happy to finally find something reliable "

DM 11/09/2020

That’s great, thanks.

CD 11/09/2020

Thank you :o)

SH 10/09/2020

Hi thankyou Kathy all sorted now.

AB 10/09/2020

Excellent - really appreciated.

SS 09/09/2020

Ordered previously.

RC 08/09/2020

This is great, thank you once again.

RM 0709/2020

"Good product works well no problem"

WS 04/09/2020

Many thanks.

JW 03/09/2020

"Although purchased not actually used yet."

DJ 02/09/2020

"Quick delivery, everything arrived as expected"

JF 01/09/2020

August 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

Service was good, followed specific instructions regarding confidential delivery.

** 28/08/2020

Perfect thank you so much!

EB 26/08/2020

Thank you for getting the pack to me and the replacement items.

WH 25/08/2020

Thank you for your prompt response.  Would you believe it, they arrived in this morning’s post!

ST 24/08/2020

Webpage search and information provided convincing.

HM 21/08/2020

Thank you very much for the information and swift response. I have passed this onto our Directors.

SB 20/05/2020

"I buy these tests for work based employees, they are very accurate and the delivery is swift."

KM 19/08/2020

Clarity of what you are buying and instructions.

RC 18/08/2020

Thank you very much for your reply.

JK 17/08/2020

"Quick and easy."

HP 17/08/2020

Brilliant thanks.

CL 17/08/2020

Thank you for your very fast and prompt response.

BT 17/08/2020

Fab, thanks for all your help.

LO 14/08/2020

"Great product for the price, will 100% use again."

AN 14/08/2020

"Very efficient. "

AN 14/08/2020

"Received really quickly and test is near enough instant. Very happy would recommend and use again "

TW 14/08/2020

"Service from UK Drug Testing has always been fantastic. Very quick turnaround from order to delivery and any time we have contacted them for advice about their products the advice has been quick and very informative."

SM 14/08/2020

Superfast delivery thanks A++++++

SC 13/08/2020

Great service.

DF 12/08/2020

I was well pleased with the fast delivery didn't expect it to be here the very next day...brilliant..Wish all my deliveries were as quick as yours was..Thank you very much.

LG 11/08/2020

Thank you for confirming that for me.

DM 11/08/2020

Thankyou so much.

JB 10/08/2020

"Very easy to use "

RI 07/08/2020

"Excellent does the job!!"

DS 07/08/2020

Good afternoon Kathy. Thank you for your confirmation. 

LS 06/08/2020

"Very impressed with the quick delivery. The drugs test are very compact, light and easy to use with results within 5 minutes. Will definitely recommend to anyone."

RP 05/08/2020

You've made my day - thank you very much!

CJ 04/08/2020

Kathy. Ah I got ya now 🤦‍♀️Thank you. 

AH 04/08/2020

"Always quick delivery and kits are always as described. Will definitively continue to buy from here."

RM 03/08/2020

Thank you for coming back to me so quickly.

JG 03/08/2020

July 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

Thank you very much for the update, dispatch early next week is fine. Please also extend my thanks to the rest of the team for all your hard work in getting these tests to us - I very much appreciate it.

CJ 31/07/2020

Thank you so much. Your communication and supply has been excellent.

KC 30/07/2020

Thank you very much for this! Have a fabulous rest of the day!

MH 29/07/2020

Thanks - much appreciated.

PS 28/07/2020

That’s brilliant thank you!

MH 27/07/2020

Very happy with the service quick and easy to use and very accurate

MW 24/07/2020

Hello thank you so so much for doing that for me I didn’t expect that, I really appreciate that so much thank you

Stay safe

JP 24/07/2020

Happy to have received items on time. All as listed no problems.

HA 22/07/2020

Reliable seller I shall be using again.

IJ 22/07/2020

Excellent service - prompt delivery as we do sometimes need them at short notice.

KC 20/07/2020

Ordered from here twice now and cannot recommend enough first time ordering I just went with standard delivery came within a few days , 2nd time ordering I ordered on the Wednesday afternoon at 3.25pm and the test was delivered the next day I paid for next day delivery but it advised to order before 3pm to get it the next day was so surprised when it came the next day

RD 19/07/2020

Szybko i dobra cena.

MD 17/07/2020

Went well. 100ml Urine Sample Collection Cup / Pot.

MS 16/07/2020

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. Thoroughly impressed with your service and hope not to use drugs test again 😂 but will definitely come back to you if needed.

BG 15/07/2020

Dear Kathy. Thank you for your time and help in this matter.

BG 15/07/2020

As described, fast delivery. Thanks.

DD 14/07/2020

"Thank you for your advice and prompt delivery fantastic service.''

VR 13/07/2020

"Excellent products, easy to use with great customer support where needed."

LS 13/07/2020

"These were very invaluable and very accurate and received the next day thank you.

LH 10/07/2020

Thank you Linda - very much appreciate your swift response - our purchasing department shall be in touch in due course.

MR 10/07/2020

Excellent news, thanks for all your kind assistance..  😊

MR 10/07/2020

Best value for money and found through a Google search.

MN 09/07/2020

"Arrives straight away and results are also spot on, helps out for staff"

MF 09/07/2020

"Quick, easy to use, hygienic and non-invasive method. No official stigma factor. Useful in many multiple scenarios. Provides reliable, precise trustworthy, confidential results within five minutes. "

IG 09/07/2020

On the internet, I am trying to keep my child safe with concerns of potential drug use.

CS 08/072020

Very nice and looks professional.

JA 07/07/2020

"Very good drug testing kit would definitely purchase again "

LC 07/07/2020

"Very straight forward purchase delivery very prompt "

RM 07/07/2020

Thank you for the quick response quick postage will be doing business with you in the future thank you M.

ML 06/07/2020

"Very good excellent service and offered me alternative test as what I wanted was not in so got different ones so helpfull highly recommend "

SH 03/07/2020

Hi Kathy, many thanks for sending that!

NS 02/07/2020

"Excellent service with an assistant that went the extra mile to explain and help."

WT 02/07/2020

"A good kit, helpful to understand what could be present."

SS 02/07/2020

Returning customer.

KS 01/07/2020

June 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

Hi Kathy. It was nice talking to you over the phone.

TC 30/06/2020

"Quality products with friendly customer service"

JP 29/06/2020

Bought for work.

SB 29/06/2020

That’s brilliant Helen, thank you very much.

PB 29/06/2020

Thank you very much appreciated. Thanks and Kind Regards.

GB 26/06/2020

That's great, thank you very much.

AB 25/06/2020

Thank you Nick.

JC 24/06/2020

Thank-you very much.

SH 23/06/2020

Thank you for all your assistance, and we continue to look forward to continuing to do business with you.

LJ 22/06/2020

Thank you for your help.

RB 22/06/2020

"Have used them for over a year. Good price. Good quality."

JS 19/06/2020

I have purchased from you before.

DJ 19/06/2020

Hi Kathy, Ok thank you very much for doing that.

KF 18/06/2020

Thank you Kathy, that is much appreciated.

LJ 17/06/2020

Found on internet search engine, via looking for advice primarily.

SR 17/06/2020

I googled this site, decided to buy as you have great reviews.

PG 16/06/2020

"Simple, easy, and very accurate great way to test quickly!! "

JH 15/06/2020

"Recently purchased of you, the product i brought is very accurate and would recommend any one to buy products from you "

NR 15/06/2020

"Excellent service"

GS 15/06/2020

"Excellent service. 5*. "

CA 15/06/2020

Needed for work.

KW 12/06/2020

Good Morning Kathy. Thanks so  much for getting back to me and providing the information. Let me discuss further my colleagues and we will advise.

AM 11/06/2020

Good delivery with no problems.

TT 10/06/2020

Quick delivery would use again thank you.

NL 09/06/2020

"This is a very good and helpful service you can phone them and ask for help on what you are wanting items form and they explain it very well to you and very polite and if you purchase anything and after doing test you can ring them and explain results and they tell you what that result means I emailed a picture through to them and the lady phoned me straight back telling me the answer and the items are very good I would buy again if needed."

AG 08/06/2020

"Exactly what we needed."

NG 08/06/2020

"Brilliant service as usual, i wouldn't go anywhere else for my products.. thank you once again "

AM 08/06/2020

"I have been using UK Drug Testing for years and have nothing but excellent service. Very happy with the product too."

SR 08/06/2020

Thanks that's made things much clearer for me and I look forward to running my first tests Monday morning, surprised how simple the test is.

CM 08/06/2020

I found the site online, I wanted a simple relatively inexpensive method of testing for alcohol.

LL 05/06/2020

Your drug testing products are wonderful, especially the ALL TEST  13 Panel Urine Drug Test Cup With Adulteration And Temp Strip DOA-1137-A1!

MW 04/06/2020

I tried to research this last night but didn't get very far. Thank you for replying back to me.

LB 03/06/2020

I have been using UK Drug Testing kits for years and have been extremely happy with the service, product and delivery.

SR 02/06/2020

"Easy to use and gave me reassurance that my prescription drugs are not above the limits for driving."

GT 01/06/2020

"Used this Company for a while now. Always polite and helpful on the telephone and receive our goods in very quick time."

RG 01/06/2020

"Was satisfied I got what I ordered!"

OB 01/06/2020

"Excellent service 100% I enquired first via email due to being on numerous medication for a tumour I had a quick response back.So I ordered my testing kit(to prove to a hater I wasn’t on any thing) I was slightly nervous at first due to medication in case it interfered but it did not my test result were 100% accurate that I already new would be. Highly recommend "

SC 01/06/2020

May 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

Good delivery, good service and just the job.

DM 29/05/2020

"Great if you have children and your worried there mixing in the wrong crowd done the trick, I ordered this for my cousin she was worried about her girl who’s aged 13 and she was right too, after testing she came back positive for opium to be fair just showing her the test made her confess. So all round great bit of kit "

NG 28/05/2020

"Excellent service & easy to navigate website"

FJ 28/05/2020

"Worth the money. Very accurate."

VW 28/05/2020

Hi Kathy! That’s fab, thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

HH 27/05/2020

"Very good and efficient quality product with very quick delivery timescales."

DA 26/05/2020

"Will recommend to my surrounding."

VV 26/05/2020

"Extremely good service and advice over the phone. Test kits arrived as advised. "

LL 26/05/2020

"Good product , simple and effective to use , strengthens our D&A policy and procedures "

DM 26/05/2020

"Excellent, reliable, quality. "

CM 26/05/2020

"Excellent service and prompt delivery"

SC 26/05/2020

Very fast delivery :) Thank you!

AJ 22/05/2020

Great service, always delivers on time.

MM 22/05/2020

Very good quick and easy to use.

AI 22/05/2020

Hi Kathy

Thanks for your help, we have now located the delivery. Thanks for your quick reply. Kind regards.

AP 20/05/2020

Lovely, Thank you for your help.

SM 20/05/2020

Ordering is very easy. Delivery is always quick. Testing is accurate every time. Couldn't ask for a better service.

EO 18/05/2020

Very prompt service. Arrived the next day. Had a query and customer service were very helpful. Thank you.

BC 14/05/2020

Thank you very much for your help!

SN 14/05/2020

Hi Kathy,

That's Brilliant! Thank you very much.

Kind regards


I am really pleased with the quick order response and the emails offering help and support using the test. Quick and easy to use.

SS 11/5/2020

Fast shipping, easy to use.

KJ 07/5/2020

That’s great thanks for your help.

AM 06/5/2020

Just the job. thank you.

TG 05/5/2020

"Quick & easy to use. "

KB 04/5/2020

I received my parcel. Thank you very much.

LB 04/5/2020

"Ordered several times from UK drug testing, will not order from anyone else. Amazing quality of service. Thank you."

RW 01/5/2020

April 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

Good. Vinyl Disposable Medical Gloves.

NW 30/4/20

Quick delivery, well packed, as described.

PN 29/4/20

We decided to buy this to test our teenager who keeps smoking behind our backs. We also want to check if he is doing anything else.

HG 28/4/20

Thank you so much.

MP 27/4/20

"Very pleased with the order. Nice and helpful service personnel and a fast delivery on point. I will definitely order again. Best regards //David, Sweden "

DC 24/4/20

"Very useful easy to use"

JB 24/4/20

Thank you for your cooperation in this issue much appreciated,  again Thank You.

BW 23/4/20

"This product is very accurate when it comes to testing, especially for THC which is the most common failure in drug testing, anyone who wants to have a clean system before returning to work due to being tested should use this product as I’ve found there is No hiding from the results "

AM 23/4/20

"Great price very accurate * would definitely use again!!"

LC 23/4/20

"Very helpful team "

JS 23/4/20

"Dispatch and delivery were quick. The test I bought was easy to use and gave pretty much instant results. I have ordered some more. Thanks guys :-)"

LS 23/4/20

"Confidential and Discrete service all items sent with good easy to follow instructions. Very good service"

AM 23/4/20

Hi, revised feedback. Happy with the way that you dealt with my problem. Kind regards and stay safe.

PA 22/4/20

Very good buy.

JP 22/4/20

Good service and I will recommend your business to more people many thanks.

CE 21/4/20

Online, you explain your products well.

JO 20/4/20

"Easy to use and quick delivery"

LP 16/04/20

Thank you for taking the time to respond that is very helpful. I had used your standard 50 ng test.

RT 15/04/20

The site was easy to navigate and I found it through google. I wanted a comprehensive test and your prices seemed the most reasonable.

NE 15/04/20

Carer that needs gloves for work.

JA 15/04/20

"We received our order of testing kits very quickly and the instructions were easy to follow using the guidance sheet included. Overall very satisfied and will use again. "

IA 14/04/20

Thank you I received today your second delivery. Thank you for dealing with this matter quickly. Regards.

DW 08/04/20

I just wanted to say thank you for your help and advice, I am so impressed with your customer service which is excellent. Kind regards.

DE 07/04/20

Quick delivery Works well just wish you had more.

AN 06/04/20

"Amazing! Fast delivery, easy to use and gave the result I was expecting!"

LG 03/4/20

Amazing service *****

HM 02/4/20

Hope to deal with you again. Thank you!!!

MS 02/4/20

All good thanks.

FP 01/4/20

March 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

"Prompt delivery, instructions clearly explained and easy to understand, product does exactly what it says on the tin. Very accurate and easy to understand. I have used this service previously to purchase the same product. Very satisfied with my purchase, will use again if required and would recommend to others."

AN 31/3/20

Fast delivery, accurate testing kits. 10/10.

RS 30/3/20

Google search and your products look very easy to use.

JP 30/3/20

The seller was responsive and reasonable to my query.

DK 27/3/20

Hi. Many thanks, nice one.

RM 26/3/20

"Everyone I dealt with at UK Drug Testing was helpful, offered support and advice. Once the order was placed communications were excellent and delivery was very quick. I shall update the review once we have used the testing kits. "

GM 25/3/20

"Excellent service and delivery would recommend you to all consumers of related products needed. "

LP 24/3/20

"Very reliable, and quick delivery."

DG 24/3/20

Fantastic. Received with many thanks.

PN 23/3/20

Thank you ; we live in extraordinary times I'm afraid.

RS 20/3/20

"Prompt delivery. I didn’t use the best. Found out the white powder in a screw top box was creatine powder - which attaches to my husbands protein shaker cup ! "

SK 19/3/20

"Excellent service does what it says on the tin so to speak , Prompt professional company "

PH 18/3/20

Hi thank you for the item and quick dispatch.

ND 17/3/20

Thank you so much for your help.

KL 16/3/20

"I found the kit very satisfactory for the task carried out. Very quick results"

MM 13/3/20

Items as advertised, good service.

NJ 12/3/20

Many thanks for sending this information over, that’s brilliant.

PM 11/3/20

Thank you Linda.

SH 10/3/20

Prompt and efficient service - highly recommended.

DA 09/3/20

I have used your service before and found it fast and helpful . I found the site by putting ‘ drug test ‘ into a search engine .

WP 09/3/20

Found via google.

DT 08/3/20

Thank you for your email and your speedy service(they have arrived today)

ST 06/3/20


BB 06/3/20

Recommended by our sister company.

SW 05/3/20

" I expected cocaine as I use to use drugs in just first year occasionally, not feel well after ,so bought test, urine, resulting with  pregabalin.  It shocked me what friend recommends me. "

TN 04/3/20

"Quick delivery, worked as its supposed to, good product."

PK 04/3/20

"Very quick response with queries and quick delivery Very well packaged Would definitely recommend "

LB 04/3/20

Hello Kathy. Many thanks for you help on the phone. We’ll be in touch. Kind regards.

NL 03/3/20


JC 03/3/20

Recommendation from fellow electrician. Have 3 staff so can test occasionally.

JF 02/3/20

We are going to swap to your company to use for testing.

SH 02/3/20

Good morning Helen. Following the new instructions we have actioned a test and we can now see the THC line clearly. Thank you for your help with this.

EC 02/3/20

February 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing

"Linda in UK Drug Testing is extremely helpful and very good to deal with. "

DM 28/2/20

Just what I needed thank you.

DL 28/2/20

"Great service "

LM 27/2/20

Hi, many thanks for your very fast response. Best Regards.

PA 26/2/20

Yes of course no problem. Thanks again for the quick response and resolving this issue.

JL 26/2/20

"I ordered the kits online and the stock arrived the next day. I have used the company in the past and the products are very easy to use."

CH 26/2/20

Perfect. Thank you.

NK 25/2/20

Dear Helen. Thank you for your kind answer. Best regards.

AS 25/2/20

Came up in search. Chose site because because you have a wide range of products and free delivery.

ST 24/2/20

Google searched and buying this for re assurance.

LC 24/2/20

Recommend, to test future employees.

CT 24/2/20

Thank you so much for your help.

JW 21/2/20

So far so good. Quite a few to use yet.

SS 20/2/20

"Fantastic service! Great products and always delivered fast! "

DM 19/2/20

Googled & you seem the only company that offered 16 tester & at a reasonable price.

HC 18/2/20

"Easy to order. Delivered quickly, Easy to administer and interpret. Highly recommend!"

RW 18/2/20

"Excellent, prompt service. Thank you"

AP 17/2/20

"Very professional "

AL 17/2/20

Okay, thanks for your reply.

DV 17/2/20

Have purchase many times before.

FS 14/2/20

Many thanks for your email and swift delivery of the testing kits. Arrived this morning!

JR 13/2/20

"Fantastic prompt delivery and very good product "

GR 12/2/20

Thanks very much for the info much appreciated!

SM 12/2/20

"Order received quickly"

RB 11/2/20

Dear Helen .Many thanks for reply. I have just now placed the order.Thanks.

AH 10/2/20

"Very good product"

SW 10/2/20

"Ordered came in good time product was good"

WD 10/2/20

"Great life changer "

EL 07/2/20

"We have used your company for several years now and the equipment you provide is very good. Knowledgable staff if you have any questions and speedy delivery."

ID 07/2/20

"Easy web site - quick delivery"

JK 07/2/20

"Many thanks for Kathy for all of her help! "

HC 07/2/20

"Well worth the money would highly recommend "

TK 06/2/20

Thanks Kathy, much appreciated.

SR 05/2/20

Web search very helpful staff.

PF 04/2/20

Thank you for such a good service Linda.

DA 03/2/20

Thank you ever so much for your help 

EO 03/2/20

January 2020 reviews for UK Drug Testing 

I like the container, clear diagnosis ... arrived quickly.

AL 31/1/20

Amazing product and super fast with dispatch. Bought on Monday and got Wednesday.

AK 30/1/20

Brilliant service as standard.

KD 29/1/20

"Always get a prompt and efficient service from UK Drug Testing. Staff are knowledgeable and able to help with technical queries. "

AL 28/1/20

Excellent to deal with.

ZH 27/1/20

"next day delivery perfect"

DO 24/1/20

Very much appreciated, thank you.

LL 23/1/20

Pleasure dealing with, excellent transaction!

PA 23/1/20

"I paid for next-day delivery and it came the day after that."

MH 22/1/20

"It covers a range of drugs, is easy to administer and reveals results within a few minutes. Excellent product. "

MN 21/1/20

Hiya the lancing device worked a treat. Thank you.

SL 21/01/2020

Used Google and it's reviews to find you

EO 20/1 20

"I haven't used our kit yet, but it arrived in speedy time and the instructions are pretty much self explanatory."

Anonymous via 20/1/20


"the efficiency is without doubt. Very compact."

Anonymous via  20/1/20


"Does exactly what it says"

Anonymous via  20/1/20


Good selection, easily found what i needed 

MG 17/1/20


"Very reliable and pricing is brilliant! We will definitely be ordering again "

Anonymous via  17/1/20


User friendly site

JM 17/1/20


"Easy to place orders and punctual deliveries"

SM 16/1/20 via


Recommended by a a friend’s friend

RN 16/1/20

Thank you for your help with this today , it`s much appreciated.

ED 16/1/20

Thank you for letting me know. Wow you are quick. I only ordered it 2 hours after I emailed you.

AM 15/01/2020

Hi Kathy,

Just received the invoice from your accounts. Thanks again for your great help.Best regards,

AR 15/1/20

Found UK Drug Testing on Google.

Purchased to test staff

Found UK Drug Testing using search engine. Will buy form this site because the information is really clear and the site is easy to navigate. 

AP 14/1/20

Thanks for quick reply and your help Kathy, 


Sam 14/2/20

Great price and product thanks quick delivery 

CJ 14/1/20

Hi Kathy

Thank you so much for your help
Tina 14/1/20

Good price and level of detection in test. Use at youth club  VT

DM 13/1/20

Thank you Kathy,
Appreciate the quick response. Have a great day  
NS 13/1/20

Thank you very much for your help and the very prompt service.
I didn’t realise the company was a few miles away!

VT 13/2/20

Looking as my drink was spiked whilst I was at work.

WK 13/1/20

Thank you Kathy,
Appreciate the quick response. Have a great day  
NS 13/1/20

My daughter used to do cocaine just testing her to make sure she is clean

OK 11/1/20

Delivered really quickly, great price.

MT 10/1/20

Item arrived quickly and in stated condition!

Thank you!

ZK 9/1/20

Great thank you, fast delivery.

HT 6/1/20

Came really quick. Easy instruction, easy to use with clear results.  

GC 6/1/20

Fast delivery thanks will recommend 5 out of 5.   

BS 6/01/20

Thank you for your excellent service.

CM 06/1/2020

Internet search from mobile phone. 

LM 4/1/20

Googled the kit that was needed to test a powder found in my daughters bedroom, purchased as contact details can be seen & also on reviews site

CF 2/1/20

Perfect. Delivered earlier than expected. Great price too  

TE 2/1/20

Pleased with purchase and speedy delivery thanks  

SC 2/1/20

December 2019 

A very prompt and efficient.I received my parcel the following day

MS 30/12/19

Delivery very fast and all very hassle free. I can definitely recommend them. Perfect.

SV 25/12/19

Purchases are always received promptly. I have called the Customer Services team several times for clarification of results or advice of how to proceed and have always been happy with their swift and professional advice. Would definitely recommend.

HC 20/12/19

Quick delivery and handy tests, will be buying again once needed.

JG 11/12/19

These were easy to use with clear instructions and gave an accurate results!

Anonymous 5/12/19

Excellent products with super fast delivery I strongly recommend the kits are very accurate and easy to use

SM 4/12/19

Good product, great price, quality

Anonymous 3/12/19

Got thees to drug test staff. Very easy to use and get the results within minutes. Definitely is buying more.

Anonymous 3/12/19

November  Feedback 2019 

I found your website on google and results seem accurate, looking forward to try. Hope packaging is discreet and delivery is fast.

NG 29/11/19

Great item you can buy online.

DA 29/11/19

Very easy to use.

LD 28/11/19

Very good service and tests, I can’t fault them.

JM 27/11/19

Uk Drug Testing are very good and i would recommend anyone to purchase from them. I've made a couple of purchases, quick to arrive and quick results for what i needed, very effective and reliable.

NR 26/11/19

Need reliable, instant drug test for work. Wanted 13 test panel rather than 10. Good reviews.

SH 25/11/19

Kits arrived promptly and in good condition; good product, good price, good service. Thanks very much.

AG 21/11/19

Excellent customer service and no hassle next day delivery.

GP 21/11/19

Think it's a great service.

LB 20/11/19

Kathy, thanks for the prompt response.

DP 19/11/19

Delivered on time, no hassle, would recommend to friends.

GP 19/11/19

Very good seller excellent item thanks.

PS 19/11/19

I'm so happy with your service. Will buy again soon.

DP 18/11/19

Thank you, the delivery has just arrived. Nice prompt service, much appreciated.

LN 15/11/19

Excellent service and quick delivery these days (2019) Not cheap though but then drugs tests aren't.

PH 15/11/19

I have received the package , thank you for your help.

ER 15/11/19

Used the site before recommended by a friend.

KW 14/11/19

Sales staff on it 💕

SR 13/11/19

I Bought the test as I was doing a study. The test came with more then enough information on what the test was testing for and how to use the test. Very please it worked 100% as it said it would. Thank you.

ML 13/11/19

Thank you so much Kathy.

AD 12/11/19

A serious website with exceptional products. Amazingly fast test results.

VM 12/11/19

Hi Linda, that’s great, thank you for your help with this.

RM 12/11/19

Yes I'm very happy with your help its all about knowing the real facts.

CS 11/11/19

Great staff, very easy to use product and fast dispatch service, in total very happy.

KN 08/11/19

Very good.

LU 08/11/19

Thank you for your email very  professional  if I need any future  product  as this I will purchase  with you if I need advice  I will contact  kind regards.

JP 08/11/19

Hi Linda. You are a super star. Thank you so much.

JD 07/11/19

Just as expected. Arrived very fast. Thanks.

LS 06/11/19

A friend of the family recommended your test kit due to purchasing the same test as I have purchased. As he said it did what it said on your website and test leaflet.

ML 05/11/19

Found by looking online need to be clear for work purposes.

PS 04/11/19

High in search results and good domain name. Also good, believable reviews.

CE 04/11/19

Wonderful service. First order went missing and they were so helpful in getting me another delivery. Tests are very good as well. Although the first delivery was a nightmare, the second delivery arrived next day.

ZW 01/11/19

October  Feedback 2019

Would recommend this product was quick and simple to use with clear results also quick delivery. Thank you.

ER 31/10/19

Both purchases came quicker than expected.

LA 31/10/19

Via Google - have used All Test before and it is effective.

PL 30/10/19

Great 10/10.

MJ 30/10/19

Great item and service.

JN 29/10/19

Live locally so have heard positive reviews about your company.

SC 28/10/19

Very good service and helpful customer service when I had problem with delivery they sorted out straight away.

KG 25/10/19

Internet search, quality of information, good video instruction.

VD 25/10/19

Ah thank you so much!

BT 24/10/19

Thank you very much.

LC 24/10/19

Very accurate easy to read results.

ST 23/10/19

Received. Many thanks.

DF 22/10/19


TA 21/10/19

Great service! Extremely professional, rapid knowledgeable and caring. They also have specialist items I could not find else where. Highly recommended to friends, family and whoever I can advice. Thank you for your care. Regards.

NH 18/10/19

Arrived as per advertised. Swift delivery service.

TF 18/10/19

Very good service but unfortunately had to return them.

AN 17/10/19

Pleasure to deal with.

BT 16/10/19

Googled this test and found site to be able to test my 16 year old son.

ES 15/10/19

Very easy to use and clear results.

RG 14/10/19

Excellent service from this company and clear results from the product.

JB 11/10/19

Fast delivery and a quality product my second time using this and will do so again.

NC 11/10/19

Many thanks. Have ordered 5 which I should get tomorrow.

Excellent service and great to have a number to call just for advice.

Only regret was using amazon!!!!!

Best wishes

KM 10/10/2019

Thank you for your amazing service. I recommend you to every business and person who asks.

NH 10/10/19

Great service , reliable and quick with very competitive range of products.

JM 09/10/19

Very helpful and quick delivery.

AA 08/10/19

Very good quick results.

SM 08/10/19

Great service, excellent products and very speedy delivery. Thank you.

PM 07/10/19

Google & video convinced me.

NW 07/10/19

First time doing this! Very easy to follow instructions and test.

AF 03/10/2019

Fast shipping, product worked, recommended.

AN 01/10/2019

September  Feedback 2019

I have used this service twice now to facilitate my Company's drug and alcohol testing. I cannot fault the pricing, service is excellent and delivery is prompt.

GB 30/09/2019

Google search initially then read very positive reviews.

TM 29/09/2019

Very good seller excellent product I would highly recommend

MT 29/09/2019

I caught my son not only taking but dealing drugs and kicked him out he ran out of places to stay after a while so he is coming home one of the conditions is he gets help and because I don’t believe a word he says right now he is going to have to pee on a stick daily for a while this seemed like a good a site as any

LK 28/09/19

Word of mouth

CB 27/09/19

Accurate description, good packaging and fast dispatch.

SK 27/09/19

Hi good morning dear friend I'm very happy with your item.

AM 26/09/19

Thank you Kathy for all your help and patience.

JC 25/09/19

Great service as always.

MM 25/09/19

Good test, very accurate and posted very promptly.

SZ 24/09/19

Good communication from UK Drug Testing, and fast, free shipping. Great product quality. Would definitely purchase from here again.

MM 23/09/19

Easy ordering procedure. Item arrived on time. Good quality item at a great price. Happy customer.

DL 23/09/19

Delivery fast and on time. Goods in perfect condition.

TW 20/09/19

Used before and found on internet.

CP 19/09/19

The drug testing units are very effective and the customer service is great always arrive quickly and well packaged.

KS 18/09/19

Great product good price.

IR 17/09/19

Absolutely perfect A +++++

AM 16/09/19

Brilliant service and very prompt. I highly recommend them. 👍🏻

AG 13/09/19

Thank you for your advice.

AM 13/09/19

Best quality and fast delivery. I really like it!

DS 13/09/19

The testing kit is adequate and very accurate for my needs. I am really impressed with the kits and how quickly u get a result I have tested the kit on myself and all the lines for negative could be seen. It did take around 10 mins in total for the test to be seen clearly. I am really happy and satisfied with kits. Thanks very much.

JW 13/09/19

Did exactly what it said on the tin! Very easy to use and interpret.

DL 12/09/19

A very quick service.

MC 12/09/19

Prompt dispatch, good quality item.

SC 11/09/19

Thank you for your prompt reply it is really appreciated.

MP 10/09/19

Excellent, really helpful.

MR 09/09/19

Quick and cheap.

RG 09/09/19

My son was spiked and rushed to hospital. I want to test for drugs as he was seriously ill. I searched and found your kits.

HS 09/09/19

Very easy to use (saliva-alcohol strips and emerging abuse drug tester); and my teen daughter understands why I do this when she has been to a party. She appreciates I’m wanting to keep her safe. Instructions easy to follow .

CS 06/09/19

A pleasure to do business with. Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.

NS 06/09/19

It did the job required.

JM 05/09/19

Always happy with the service, when I have had issues they have been rectified immediately. I would be very happy to recommend UK Drug Testing.

LK 05/09/19

Purchased Alltest 7 panel Drug test cup kit ×5. Accurate result in less than 5 minutes, reasonably priced and delivered next day before 1 pm.

MS 05/09/19

Many thanks for the shipping info. Much appreciated.

PI 05/09/19

We found the drug testing kit very easy to use and read the results.

JR 04/09/19


SB 03/09/19

Would definitely recommend and would use again if needed.

KD 02/09/19

August Feedback 2019

The web site was easy to use with the goods being dispatched quickly. The product was well packaged with all paperwork required to use provided.

DH 30/08/19

Very professional service. Quick turnaround when ordering supplies online.

AP 30/08/19

Good for home tests - thanks.

CD 29/08/19

Great seller. Trusted. No issues at all.

NK 28/08/19

Just googled drug test kit, seemed like comprehensive choice.

ML 27/08/19

Hi Kathy

Thank you for your time and assistance. It was extremely helpful and a pleasure to talk with you. Have a good afternoon and we will be back in touch soon.  Kind regards

PE 22/08/19

I buy these tests every so often A1 service and communication.

GM 22/08/19

Continual excellent and quick service.

RR 21/08/19

Efficient delivery.

MS 21/08/19

Found you through a Google search.

JM 20/08/19

Fantastic product which allows you to be confident in your ability to pass random drug and alcohol tests after returning to work from holiday Highly recommend

SR 19/08/19

Found site through google search,

LM 18/08/19

Just browsing and came across this site. Bought Zolpidem from good company, but checking they are ok.

MH 17/08/19

I looked on Google, as I've recently found cannabis in my 14yr old son's school bag.

CW 17/08/19

Google search. Product appears to meet my needs.

RM 17/08/19

Fast delivery. Good product. Used them several times now and always reliable. Needed some advice so I called them and the lady I spoke to was very helpful and knew her stuff.

SA 16/08/19

Googles best professional test kits for employers.

EM 16/08/19

Previous customer (multiple times) excellent service and always fast delivery.

GD 15/08/19

As I had ordered, quick delivery, thank you.

CK 14/08/19

Done exactly what needed to do.

SS 13/08/19

Does what it says.

PB 13/08/19

Nice one many thanks.

MT 12/08/19

Ordering process is easy, the products are very competitively priced. orders arrive quickly and customer service are extremely helpful. Would highly recommend.

SF 09/08/19

Excellent customer service - easy to use website and ease of access to account facilities.

JR 08/08/19

Very efficient service and tests do what it says on the tin.

LW 08/08/19

Came early great buy. 👌

GS 08/08/19

Simple to use and accurate.

JS 07/08/19

Quick and easy,  good product.

SK 07/08/19

The test arrived quickly and the instructions were very clear to follow. It’s sad I had to purchase one of these but it has meant a serious problem can now be dealt with through support. Accurate results and would highly recommend.

KC 07/08/19

Easy to use and effective. I would recommend them.

FF 07/08/19

Great quick service.

SB 07/08/19

I've ordered a couple of times great service.

TK 07/08/19

T H A N K S :)

TD 06/08/19

Excellent service and ordering was straight forward - quick delivery

HC 05/08/19

Many thanks for your prompt response and for confirming that the envelope is discrete.

LC 05/08/19

Thank you. =)

LP 02/08/19

Used before in previous employment.

JJ  01/08/19

July Feedback 2019

Easy to use! Good product. 😊

BW 31/07/19

Awesome thanks.

SF 30/07/19

Found you on a Google search. I decided to buy as your tests seem the most reliable...

MP 29/07/19

Used you before.

PP 29/07/19

Thank you! 🙂

ID 29/07/19

Thanks for the parcel and effort to get the item to be delivered.

MM 29/07/19

Hi Kathy. Thanks for your help.

TH 26/07/19

Very good. Can we set up an account?

DK 25/07/19

That's great thanks very much for your help. Many Thanks :-)

RM 25/07/19

Came super early! Good quality! Really recommend.

DA 25/07/19

Perfect. Really pleased with purchase. Seller highly recommended.

TO 24/07/19

The testing kits are very easy to use and read. They helped us form an evidence base to dismiss an employee. Highly recommended.

GG 23/07/19

The kit in the video looked simple and effective to use.

IQ 23/07/19

Good item! 😊

RB 23/07/19

Thank you so much!!!  really appreciate it...  I will be buying more kits very soon... (in August I think)


That’s great Kathy thank you.

AB 22/07/19

I appreciate that you have cleared this matter up so quickly, Thank you for your excellent customer service 

AM 22/07/19

I am very happy with both the service and the product. I will be making regular orders.

DE 22/07/19

That's great, thank you very much.

JB 19/07/19

Thank you for getting back to me, most helpful.

LC 19/07/19

No problem - you made it easy for me to return!

JE 19/07/19

Just what I needed.

JT 19/07/19

Thank you fantastic delivery time 👍

FC 18/07/19

Product arrived promptly and very simple to use.

HI 18/07/19

Super seller, quick delivery perfect transaction thank you very much.

SH 17/07/19

Great service thank you +++++++

DH 16/07/19

The site is easy to use, with very clear instructions. The service is very good, with speedy delivery.

DE 15/07/19

Fast and efficient service and great product many thanks.

RT 15/07/19

Excellent service.

AS 12/07/19

A big thank you for your assistance.

GT 12/07/19

Great item, thanks.

NL 11/07/18

Great drug test! Accurate results just wish they could test longer then 5days in the system

JB 10/07/19

16 panel test works perfect with an instant result. Extremely good customer care

& service from this company. Highly recommend.

DS 09/07/19

Works great.

HS 09/07/19

Just perfect AL6000 replacement sensor.

MW 08/07/19

The parcel was delivered very quick, test good and handy.

JO 08/07/19

Excellent service and order received within 24 hours.

DR 08/07/19

Prompt delivery

JH 08/07/19

We needed to ensure we have the means to test our people if needed i contacted UK Drug testing and were very helpful with advise and what we required

AP 05/07/19

Good quick service.

PR 05/07/19

Excellent Service & a good testing kit.

GD 04/07/19

Found on eBay. Bought to test teenage kids.

GM 03/07/19

Test kits have always arrived promptly. Customer support is excellent when I have requested a second opinion on drug screen result. I would use again and highly recommend.

HC 03/07/19

Many thanks for the prompt shipping !

NB 03/07/19

Excellent Service

JB 02/07/19


EW 01/07/19

June Feedback 2019

Order system was very easy; Delivery was very prompt and I was kept informed throughout. When item arrived it was packaged very well. Haven't actually used the kit yet but looks very simple to use and the instructions are very concise.

DA 28/06/19

Very quick and efficient service

JC 28/06/19

Just what I needed many thanks.

LB 27/06/19

No issues 5 *

RR 26/06/19

Very quick results and easy to use, 100% buying more.

DT 25/06/19

Many thanks for your swift reply Linda. Much appreciated!

Kind regards,

HC 24/06/19

Delivery as ordered arrived on time Thanks.

ES 24/06/19

Great item, fast delivery 10/10.

LA 21/06/19

Web site was really easy to use and delivery was on time. Good service.

GO 20/06/19

Thank you for your help.

KK 19/06/19

Fast and effective

JF 18/06/19

Great product thanks.

GN 18/06/19


PB 17/06/19

Speedy next day delivery was ideal

AM 14/06/19


AH 14/06/19


MP 14/06/19

Very fast delivery service

DS 13/06/19

Thank you A *****

JC 13/06/19

Very Prompt Service.

DF 12/06/19

Great product fast delivery and even better customer service via email.

MM 11/06/19

These kits provided us with the results we needed.

MM 10/06/19

Ok. I recommend the seller. Thank you. 😊

SL 10/06/19

Test came through very quick, and worked wonders.

MH 07/06/19

Fast delivery .recommended seller.thank you

LP 07/06/19

Always fantastic customer service and fast delivery.

GP 06/06/19 


SW 06/06/19

Thanks again Kathy for the quick response

GB 06/06/19

Ordered a box of 25 testing kits, and as good as their word, UK Drug Testing had the kits with is the next day. Excellent Service.

MC 04/06/19

Easy to use would definitely recommend.

AN 04/06/19

Quick and easy testing that can be carried out on site.

JM 04/06/19

Wonderful ,Thank you so much x

SS 04/06/19

Very fast delivery great product many thanks.

DR 04/06/19

Hi, It’s fine. I worked it out yesterday in the end. Thanks, it’s a great test.

CH 03/06/19

Very fast delivery great product many thanks

DR 03/06/19

Fast shipping, great communication. A+! Many thanks!

BL 01/06/19

May Feedback 2019

Great cheers.

BB 31/05/19

Quick delivery seems to work well.

DH 30/05/19

Google search watched videos.

SC 29/05/19

Internet search and chose because this is exactly what we need.

AM 28/05/19

Google, cheapest I could find wish found it earlier

CJ 28/05/19

Knowledgeable, fast and efficient. Next day delivery received. Highly recommended.

JB 24/05/19

Found the site searching for drug test kits and this site was top of the list. I will use this site again too.

MD 23/05/19

Last smoked 7months ago was a very mild user but been so paranoid due to an upcoming pre employment d&a test. Bought a pack of strips came out negative as highly expected as not smoked for so long even a heavy smoker would be clean lol but has helped me stop worrying now and can just wait for my actual test in a few weeks knowing i'll be ok. Also to mention speedy free delivery thank you

IS 23/05/19

Great thanks Kathy really appreciate your help with this one!

CD 23/05/19

Found the site searching for drug test kits and this site was top of the list. I will use this site again too.

MD 22/5/19 

Great service and I have already done a product review.

DG 22/05/19

From a friend who works in police

HM 21/05/19

Speedy & efficient service.

CS 21/05/19

Great - thank you very much for fixing this - I appreciate it.

SY 20/05/19

Came before delivery date can't beat that.

MB 17/05/19


PD 17/05/19

Good buy.

GS 16/05/19

Product on the order arrived on the date promised. Good communication from UK Drug Testing.

MT 15/05/19

Thank you so much. Fast delivery & couldn't recommend enough. 5 ***

RT 14/05/19

We never thought our teenager would do drugs (Cannabis, Ketamine, Ecstasy and Cocaine). We thought they were sensible. We though our guidance would be enough. We were wrong. The ALL TEST 13 UK Drug Testing kit has been a great find. Two random tests performed and our teenager now recording all negative results. Easy to use and understand. Will continue with the random tests in the future. Our teenager knows this so the incentive to stay clean remains. Random testing also gives our teenager a credible ‘way out’ of joining in with his so called friends.

DC 13/05/19

Most of the reviews were good, seems a trusted company.

HS 13/05/19

For work related staff.

MF 13/05/19

We have used your services before.

TT 10/05/19

Quick delivery.

EB 10/05/19

Many thanks for your prompt reply, I have ordered the heroin specific tests.
AK 09/05/19

Ordered on Wednesday and arrived Friday as promised. Simple and easy to use. Would definitely recommend.

JK 09/05/19


LN 09/05/19

Good morning,

Just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure to work with a company that is so professional. We are introducing random drug testing after an ex employee became blighted with the stuff.

What I want to say is this, I was surprised at your efficiency from the point of ordering right through to the email I received this morning. I have been kept informed at every step of the process.

I will be ordering more kits from you in the future, that's for sure.

Long may you continue to take excellent care of your customers.

BS 08/05/19

Fantastic! Highly recommend.

GP 08/05/19

Very reliable and trustworthy company who provide quality service and quality products. Highly recommended.

OG 07/05/19

Not used product yet, but ordering process very good. Delivery excellent and tracked throughout, delivered on time, well packed. Thank you.

AE 07/05/19

Quick delivery, good product at good price.

RG 03/05/19

Internet search, decided to buy from you as I like what I see on your site, lots of useful information about workplace drug testing.

BS 02/05/19

Prompt service easy purchase.

MV 02/05/19

Good service, well managed, call back regarding delivery address. Product turned up on the day promised. All good.

PF 01/05/19

Thank you very much just what I needed.

YH 01/05/19


April Feedback 2019


GR 30/04/19

Returning customer.

VH 29/04/19

Have ordered from you before.

PG 29/04/19

Did the job many thanks.

JB 29/04/19

Very Fast Delivery will use again.

LE 26/04/19

Young person (Very) tested positive for 3 Items we were very concerned for them we will do tests weekly.

KH 26/04/19

Thank you for your prompt processing of our order.

NI 25/04/19

Thank you for all your help, a very professionally run company.

PM 24/04/19

Very accurate quick test.

AN 23/04/19

Item received :) love it thank you very much. Great service A++

DD 22/04/19

Prompt delivery, well packaged, thank you. Highly recommend.

AM 21/04/19

Very fast delivery, good value, as always, thank you.

PX 20/04/19

Arrived quickly first class seller thanks.

PW 20/04/19

Item perfect, great value. Highly recommend seller.

JA 19/04/19

Great all round.

NN 18/04/19

Perfect. Thank you for such a quick response.

JC 17/04/19

Nice stuff.

TH 17/04/19

Excellent customer service.

BM 16/04/19

Excellent customer service and delivery time.

LM 15/04/19

Very quick and efficient.

DA 15/04/19

Second order, impressed with Kathy's help.

RT 15/04/19

Easy and quick to use.

SS 15/04/19

Very good quick and efficient

SM 12/04/19

Lots of options.

LP 12/04/19

Thanks Kathy, your customer service is excellent :)

Kind regards

SH 11/04/19

I found the site by using Google search, You were one of the cheapest sites.

SS 11/04/19

Very quick delivery, good item, easy to follow thank you very much.

ES 10/04/19

Cards received, thank you Kathy for your quick response. Regards.

PK 09/04/19

Excellent service and very quick dispatch.

DR 09/04/19

Excellent thank you.

BT 09/04/19

Couldn't fault the service. Dispatched and delivery in great time. However, two of the products we ordered [all in one with cup] the lids wouldn't close properly. Then when we tried it broke which isn't ideal for urine samples!

KW 08/04/19

All good thank you

KW 08/04/19

Quick delivery, easy to order. Test kit very easy. Thank you

TH 05/04/19

Asked colleague to find me alternative drug testing site as I have used another suppliers test swabs in the past.

JW 05/04/19

Excellent 100% very happy many thanks X

SK 05/04/19 

Easy to use & read results. I would buy this again.

SC 04/04/19

Received excellent service and advise from your customer services and would highly recommend the product. Helen is a credit to your company.

WB 02/04/19

Comprehensive and easy to use pot.

AN 01/04/19

March Feedback 2019

Found through research on internet.

MS 30/03/19

Looks very professional good reviews.

JS 29/03/19

Very happy with my purchase and service. Thank you.

FV 29/03/19

Thank you for doing that and the acknowledgement.

TN 28/03/19

Sound more accurate

PR 27/03/19

Clear quick results. Fast delivery. Definitely use again :)

SP 27/03/19

Many thanks. Fast delivery. As always.

JG 26/03/19

Thanks for your quick dispatch of parcel And test went well Fully recommend And  I will shop again.

DW 25/03/19

Just looking on the internet for urine test strips, decided to purchase from you as each test was individually wrapped and sealed

DG 25/03/19

Looking to put in workplace and require to test these

LA 25/03/19

Found by searching for drug test kits . Spoke to one of your team who were very helpful.

PG 22/03/19

Good product and fast delivery. Thanks :)

RH 21/03/19

I like the fast service and excellent marketing and easy to use website

HM 21/03/19

All good.

RB 20/03/19

Great service many thanks

GS 19/03/19

Prompt delivery and the tests work!

GC 19/03/19

Great kit

GH 19/03/19

Excellent service. Called prior to ordering to check if the products were suitable, and I was given an excellent overview of suitable products and believe it or not they recommended that the cheapest option was the best! Thoroughly good service, ordered several times before and will continue to do so

NR 18/03/19

Excellent prompt delivery of items

KK 15/03/19

It's great to deal with a company who are quick to respond to questions and provide all the information required. Thank you Kathy, excellent service.

SF 14/03/19

We found you on the website and you are a local firm

DW 13/03/19

Searched the net for most reliable cannabis testing

TB 12/03/19

Customer services, perfect yes I understand so me seeing the faint line has indicated a negative reading for drugs, over the moon thank you for your help!

JW 11/03/19

Amazing customer service. Amazing product. Have ordered more than once & could not be happier. Quick delivery! 10/10!

AV 11/03/19

Found via Google, UK site with wide range of drugs tested.

HW 11/03/19

From a friend

FY 11/03/19

Many thanks!

FN 8/03/19

Thanks for the pleasant and easy transaction.*****

BO 7/03/19

Hi Kathy, That's great. I Have ordered these now. Thank you very much for your help.

SF 6/03/19

Arrived early - as always a faultless transaction. Recommended 100% !!

IE 6/03/19

Just for a my induction for a job they need to do tests before hand.

BW 5/03/19

Ordered and arrived as indicated, excellent service

SK 4/03/19

I have used this site previously.

GS 4/03/19

UK Drug Testing have a large range of alcohol & drug testing kits available so finding the ones that suit our needs perfectly all from one place is excellent!

JT 1/03/19

Large selection of drug testing products to choose from, selected the ones I wanted by 1pm by 4pm the next day they were with me... great service, I have no hesitation based on this experience to recommend.

MP 1/03/19

I have been using the THC sticks to randomly check my son. Always quick & efficient service

RP 1/03/19

Service good, prompt delivery, still yet to use product.

EP 1/03/19

February Feedback 2019

Brilliant service and product.

LW 28/02/19

Very Good service.

ER 27/02/19

Good product happy with the results will purchase another one in the future

LB 27/02/19

Great results

DN 26/02/19

Very good service. Excellent testing kits, very easy to use. I would like to see images of the positive and negative results on your website for a reference point. A real shame that the tests are so expensive. When you have an addict in the family the price of these kits can make them unobtainable for some.

JL  26/02/19

Convenient and confidential and very accurate .. life is so easy without the drama. You're a blessing 👌

SM 25/02/19

Used your site before.

TG 25/02/19

I found this site through Google, after searching for surface testing kits.

LD 25/02/19

We have been using this company for about 6 months after there were quality issues with the previous company. We have been very happy with both quality and prices of UK Drug Testing. I can highly recommend.

JD 25/02/19

Recommendation from a friend.

LD 23/02/19

Hi. These things happen so no harm done. Thank you for getting in touch so fast.

JB 22/02/19

Arrived over a couple of days, tracking information texted and kept up to date. thank you!

FG 22/02/19

I have found this page on website , because for me looks professional that way I have decided to buy.

AG 21/02/19

Pleased 2 deal with u! Cheers.

DV 20/02/19

Very quick and help full

BM 19/02/19

Previously used before

DM 18/02/19

The lady answered my call immediately, I asked a few questions, I was advised on best product for my requirements. Ordered online via royal mail 2nd class post (free) and product arrived within 2 days. World Class Customer Service. 10/10. 100% Recommend

SB 18/02/19

Thank you, item received. Quick service.

BL 15/02/19

Very happy with the drug test

JB 14/02/19

Web shop easy to use and a quick delivery. Had an issue in 2017 when received kits with short shelf life so this time requested decent dates. Please to receive kits with almost 2 years shelf life. happy to use UK Drug Testing again.

GH 14/02/19

Information was accurate and the delivery was very quick. I am pleased with the service that I have received.

SS 14/02/19

Search engine, lots of choice.

KB 14/02/19

Purchased before, the results were clear as day, easy to use and effective.

MK 14/02/19


OL 13/02/19

Excellent company.. 100% Reliable tests.. Quality products.. Goos value for money

GL 12/02/19

Ordering easy, delivery prompt.

CA 12/02/19

Found out a family member has been using cocaine and other drugs

ZL 12/02/19

Great price, excellent communication, speedy delivery.

PS 11/02/19

I want to check my friend ,I think he uses drugs

MJ 8/02/19

Works every time without fault delivery was so quick no complaints Will use again

SC 8/02/19

The test kit arrived very quickly , the instructions were easy to understand and more importantly we obtained a positive test result.

SH 8/02/19

Very quick arriving and response to an question I had answered in a few hours

EO 8/02/19

These cannabis test strips are great for peace of mind when you have a drug test coming up. 21 days and I'm testing negative. Still 10 days to go but it really has put my mind at ease. Thank you.

AK 8/02/19

Excellent product, fast delivery.

ZM 8/02/19

Excellent service. I sent an initial email for advice as I was unsure exactly what I needed to buy. I received a phone call back immediately off Kathy who was very helpful and informative.

JD 8/02/19

I’ve not used the drug testing kits yet but your service was second to none. If the kits are as good as your service, I’ll be ordering more!

JC 7/02/19

Great product all good.

AP 6/02/19

Very satisfied with the product.

TC 5/02/19

I just typed in drug testing kit sites. This site seems the most genuine so I have decided to purchase from here.

AM 4/02/19

Google. Write up and review very clear and confirms which drugs etc and days used. Very useful information prior to buying.

AC 4/02/19

Google search and I like the idea of the 13 multi test in one.

NA 4/02/19

Very pleased with the item I purchased.

KR 4/02/19

Always very helpful customer service and no issues next day delivery.

GP 1/02/19

Found website via search engine, I decided to buy this product as it was recommended by a friend.

OM 1/02/19

I googled what I was looking for and saw your website. I sent an email and Kathy rang back and was extremely helpful giving me lots of useful information. Very good service.

JD 1/02/19

Used this product before.

SR 1/02/19

Offered excellent advice on best testing kit for our needs and received them the following day.

RT 1/02/19

Very clear on website and order arrived very quickly

JK 1/02/19

January Feedback 2019

Very quick and efficient, tests are good quality, and comes with all the instructions you’d need to do your test! I recommend highly!

CT 31/01/19

Speedy dispatch and delivery. Easy to use item.Many thanks.

CC 30/01/19

Excellent service, thanks !!!

AR 29/01/19

Easy to order, swift delivery & and good customer service support by telephone & email. I wouldn't hesitate to order again from UK Drug Testing.

HC 28/01/19

Good instructions easy to use

CL 25/01/19

Very Good Service and all arrived on time.

JD 25/01/19

Always a quick delivery and very good service.

RR 24/01/19

I am an individual, not a company and have been retired 8 years. I have an AL 7000 with replaceable sensor. I used to work on the railway where the limit was 20 BAC as against 80 for driving. I have been using UK Drug Testing for over 25 years and they have always given me an excellent service.

KW 24/01/19

Excellent service - ordered goods one day and delivered the next.

MW 23/01/19

A pleasure to deal with thanks.

FM 22/01/19

Always a great service and have always been very supportive and knowledgeable.

GW 21/01/19

Good delivery times and quick response from customer services

HG 21/01/19

We always buy our kits from you.

ES 21/01/19

Easy online ordering system for quality products. Delivery fast and efficient. We order repeatedly which is an indication of our continued customer satisfaction.

PS 21/01/19

Other than one concern , I am very satisfied: I got excellent help over the phone; the tests covered everything I needed and were easy to use.

AP 21/01/19

Excellent customer services and excellent delivery times . Would recommend 100% every time

LW 18/01/19

Nice one.

AM 18/01/19

Good quality !

ES 17/01/19

Gives you peace of mind by using these

VG 17/01/19

Many thanks for keeping me updated on the progress of my order and for the speedy delivery, as I received my order this morning. I am very happy with the whole process and will certainly use your company in future.

OG 16/01/19

I have bought products from you on a number of occasions and I am always happy with the delivery and product.

JF 16/01/19

Excellent and quick service.

LP 15/01/19

Very professional

DP 15/01/19

Kit itself the saliva 13 test kit was easy to use results were accurate and reading and understanding of the result did take a few reads but made sense. Would use again

PS 15/01/19

Very reliable.

KW 15/01/19

It is efficient and reliable, also easy to use.

BR 15/01/19

Fast service and friendly customer service.

AC 15/01/19

Fast delivery, very pleased. Thank you.

ST 15/01/19

Arrived the very next day, well packaged and set my mind at ease.

JT 14/01/19

I am a previous customer of yours and always been very happy with the products.

OG 14/01/19

I strongly recommend, great products and high quality. Delivered on time.

MK 11/01/19

The person who was advising me on which product to purchase was absolutely brilliant and put me completely at ease. The product arrived the next day. The service was excellent.

HG 11/01/19

Great service, prompt service and excellent product.

GP 11/01/19

1st class service.

SJ 11/01/19

Very happy with my purchase and service. Thank you.

FV 10/01/19

Good to deal with would recommend.

AM 9/01/19

Excellent Service for peace of mind

JR 8/01/19

I've bought from here before

TM 7/01/19

Excellent service, thank you

JH 7/01/19

They are very easy and simple tests to use. I use them for my teenage child who has tried drugs. It gives me peace of mind to check that she’s not using any of the obvious drugs out there, also I don’t make her aware of what I’m testing her for.

LR 7/01/19

No problems other than paperwork was not for my chosen test

AC 7/01/19

Very good to deal with.

SS 4/01/19

10/10 would use again.

CD 3/01/19

Quick delivery, thank you.

LH 2/01/19

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