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Excellent service with a fast delivery all products work well

5 Stars

Very quick delivery and tests are accurate

fast & accurate

Good service

Happy chappy thanx

Brilliant service, fast delivery will use again

Great service and communication

lorraine bonser

100"% pleased did exactly what i wanted...
i passed my drug test
would recommend this this to anyone wanting to prove they not on drugs 😀😁😁💖

Joanne Farrell

Always get what I need and goes through smoothly

Excellent service as always

Accidentally provided incorrect address, received an email asking me to confirm address and I requested to change the address which they did straight away. Order was received the following day

Sarah Mila

This test was amazingly simple, the surface wipe for 10 drugs - once I gained my confidence and read the instructions. Found a small empty bag in sons room with dusting on the inside and also a little plastic test tube with clip lid, again with residue.
Put liquid in the bag, just a little and then swished a tiny bit of liquid in the tube. Emptied both out onto a tea saucer and dripped the test end through it and replaced lid and waited. Really upset to see it was Ketamin and MDMA. Couldn't believe it picked it up.
What it did do was arm me with enough bravery to take my son for a drive and to talk to him in an open and loving way about what was going on. He is 25 and has to make his own decisions but I needed to face the fact he was using even if it was recreationally. It all leads to nothing but misery. All I can say to you parents out there which is a bit of advice that helped us stop fighting, stop worrying was "Just Love your Son", we did and we do and we hand the rest over to God. Our son is well and working and is a lovely person but is the one out of all the "mates" that can't take drugs without it effecting him. Good luck, educate yourselves and be brave.

Natalia Grabowska

Quick delivery and discreet packaging. Very accurate test. 10/10

Mark Berry

Well my first personal test said I was taking Heroin! Which turned out to be poppy seeds from bread! There needs to be an improvement on this as I lost three days money.

Stuart Issacs

Good service

Excellent product would recommend.

Does exactly what it's supposed to do really easy to use and understand excellent product would recommend.

Kristyna Cordiner

Fast delivery and very accurate testing.

Russell Morley

An excellent product, thank you. It was nice to prove to my partner that I am not using anything I shouldn't be. I recommend this product to anyone in a similar position.

Delivery was speedy. Very easy to use. Results very quick.

Fast and reliable service - tests have good reliability

Brilliant service accurate results very happy with this order very highly recommended

Quick and easy

These tests are quick and easy to carry out, are reasonably priced and are delivered promptly in discreet packaging. The 7 panel test covers the most common recreational drugs likely to be found in an individuals system.

Fast delivery, and easy to use tests

Thomas Barker

Very quick results and accurate as I already knew what was in my system . I wanted to see how good the test was. I will definitely use this test in the future.