Collection: Home Drug Testing Kits

Home drug test kits for urine, saliva and surfaces

These are a selection of our most popular and best selling home test kits for drugs including urine home drug test kits, saliva home drug test kits and surface wipe drug test kits for use at home.

Cannabis use is notoriously difficult to detect in saliva, and for home drug testing a urine drug test kit is much more reliable and easier to use correctly, and will give a longer detection period for Cannabis.

If you wish to perform an at home drug test or buy drug test kits, these home drug tests are all easy to use, accurate, and give immediate results, and each drug test kit has been selected as they are ideal for use at home. 

If you do not find the home drug test kit that you are looking, or you need any advice on home drug testing, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team, who will be happy to assist you. All the home drug testing kits on this page are single use, and are disposable drug tests.