Drug Test Instructions and Forms

ALL TEST Drug Test Instructions

All our ALL TEST drug testing kits are sent with detailed instructions included, but we also provide a download option of both the quick user guide drug test instructions and manufacturer's full data sheet drug test instructions.

Click on the blue links for the relevant ALL TEST drug test instructions download.


Download a copy of the Cotinine Saliva Drug Test Instruction / Data sheet

Download a copy of the saliva alcohol test strip instruction / data sheet

ALLTEST Saliva Barrel drug test instructions ~ covers DSD-867 and DSD-877 (with alcohol option) and DSD-8127 

ALLTEST Saliva Panel drug test instructions ~ covers DSD-865 and DSD-8135

Download ALLTEST Direct Saliva Instruction / Data Sheet DSD-843 and DSD-863


Download ALLTEST Urine Test Cassette Instructions covers all ALLTEST urine drug test cassettes

Download ALLTEST Urine Test Strip Instructions covers all ALLTEST urine drug test strips

ALLTEST multi-panel drug test instructions ~ covers ALLTEST panels from 3 to 14 drug DOA-134 to DOA-1104 and combination panels.

Download ALLTEST Screw Lid Drug Test Cup Instructions covers ALLTEST 7 drug, 10 drug and 13 drug A1 screw lid cups

Download ALLTEST B1 Split Chamber Key Cup Instructions covers all B1 dual chamber key opertated drug test cups


Download ALLTEST Powder 10 Panel Instructions covers ALLTEST 10 drug surface detection test with buffer solution

Download ALLTEST Powder 10 Panel (NO BUFFER) Instructions covers NEW ALLTEST 10 drug surface detection test without buffer solution

Workplace drug test procedure and consent form 

You may download and use our free drug & alcohol testing employee consent form. Click on the link below to download it as a pdf.

Download our general purpose drug test procedure, drug test consent and record form. Download Free Workplace Drug Testing Consent Form

Watch our video below about how to use the drug and alcohol testing record and consent form for employers

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