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ALLTEST 18 Panel Ultra Sensitive Urine Drug Test Kit With Temp Strip DOA-1187-A3 Drug Test Cup

ALLTEST 18 Panel Ultra Sensitive Urine Drug Test Kit With Temp Strip DOA-1187-A3 Drug Test Cup

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ALLTEST 18 panel integrated cup urine drug test kit with ultra-sensitive detection

This 18 panel urine drug test kit is one of our drug tests that test for everything except alcohol. It includes ultra-sensitive drug tests for Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy, speed and Crystal meth.

Key features of the ALLTEST 18 panel urine drug test cup

  • This 18 panel drug test is integrated into a urine collection cup and offers the latest large combination cup drug testing kit currently available in the UK. It is a drug test that tests for everything.
  • If you want to screen for a broad range of drugs, this is the best cup drug test kit
  • Screens quickly and easily for 18 drugs on one urine sample.
  • Easy screw lid sealed drug test cup design with integral drug testing kit strips for 18 common drugs of abuse.
  • Easy to use and read 
  • Results in minutes
  • Each drug test cup is individually foil wrapped for long shelf life
  • Highly accurate results when compared to a GCMS lab test
  • Gives individual results for each drug type listed below.
  • CE, FDA, and ISO certified to full professional and healthcare IVDD standards as offers the highest accuracy in point of care drug testing kits available.
  • Ideal drug test cup for home drug testing, recruitment, pre-employment, schools, universities, rehab and recovery.
  • Excellent choice of urine drug test kit for parents who want a comprehensive urine drug screen to act as a deterrent to drug use.
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST 
  • Ultra sensitive detection levels for 5 common drugs in UK Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Ecstasy MDMA and Methamphetamine.

ALLTEST 18 panel drug test cup is our most comprehensive drug test and screens urine for the following 18 drugs:

  • Cannabis 20ng/mL
  • Cocaine 100ng
  • Opiates 300ng/mL
  • Amphetamine 500ng/mL
  • Ecstacy 500ng/mL
  • Ketamine 1000ng/mL
  • Methamphetamine 500ng/mL
  • Methadone 300ng/mL
  • Buprenorphine 10ng/mL
  • Benzodiazepines 200ng/mL
  • PCP (phencyclidine) 25ng/mL
  • Oxycodone 100ng/mL
  • Tramadol 300ng/mL
  • LSD 20ng/mL
  • Fentanyl 10ng/mL
  • TriCyclicAntidepressants 1000ug/ml
  • PPX 300ng/ml
  • Barbiturates 300ng/mL
  • + temperature check strip.


If we are out of stock on this 18-panel urine cup drug test kit, another good alternative is our best selling 10 panel integrated cup urine drug test kit

The 18 panel drug test cup is a great choice as a pharmacy drug test kit as it screens for 18 drugs. If you are a UK pharmacy or chemist, contact us for wholesale drug test prices.

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