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urine drug testing FAQ urine drug test

Frequently asked questions regarding urine drug testing

Here are the most frequently asked questions that UK Drug Testing are asked about urine drug test kits and the answers

What does a very faint line on urine drug test mean?

If the test line on a urine drug test kit is faint and this is showing at the correct read time for the urine drug test kit in question, then this is still a negative drug test result, even though the test line is very faint.

If the faint line on the urine drug test appears after the time at which the drug test result should be read, then this should be ignored. Any urine drug test result that appears after the designated result read time, as specified in the urine drug test kit instructions, should always be disregarded. 

What are the detection windows for drugs in urine ?

Detection times for urine drug testing depends on the type and brand of urine drug test kit used and the drug that is being tested for, but as a general rule, drugs are usually only detectable on a urine drug test, for up to 72 hours after last use, with the exception of Cannabis which can be detected for longer in some user, even up to 30 days or longer in some cases.

Information on drug test detection times for urine here

What time of day I should carry out the urine drug test?

A urine drug testing kit can be performed at any time of day. The drugs that you are testing for in the urine sample will generally be more concentrated in a first morning urine sample, than in a urine sample produced later in the day, after many drinks and beverages have been consumed. 

if you are a parent testing a teenager for drugs, then it would usually be best to drug test first thing in the morning before they have passed any urine as this sample will usually be the most concentrated. 

How to read urine test temperature strip on a cup drug test kit

Collect the urine sample into the cup drug test kit, ensuring the urine exceeds the minimum fill level marker as indicated on the side of the urine drug test. The colour change temperature strip is on the outside of the drug test cup, and will change colour indicating the temperature of the urine sample added to the cup.

If there is no colour change, indicated on the temperature strip after 60 seconds, then this indicates that the urine sample added to the drug test cup kit, is not at the expected temperature for human body temperature, and may have been substituted or diluted or tampered with in some way.

What would make a urine drug test invalid?

There are several causes of an invalid urine drug test result and the answers depend on whether it is an instant urine drug test or a laboratory urine drug test.

An invalid result on an instant urine drug test kit is a term used by the drug testing industry when a lateral flow urine drug test strip or urine drug test kit fails to run properly and no control line C is visible, indicating that insufficient urine has been absorbed to run the test. In practice this is quite rare , but it can ocur if there is inadequate urine sample, if the urine drug test kit is defective in some way, or if the tester has failed to remove the cap from the drug test kit (usually a multi-panel) preventing the drug test from absorbing any urine (yes it does happen)

Does Pregabalin show up in a urine test?

Yes Pregabalin can show up in a urine drug test. Pregabalin may be detected on a laboratory drug test or an instant near patient urine drug test kit. Most urine drug testing kits in the UK do not yet test for Pregabalin, but some do.

Pregabalin can be detected on a urine drug test for up to 5 days. How long it is detected for depends on the amount of Pregabalin taken, and how quickly the individual clears it. 

Since April 2019 Pregabalin has been classified as a Class C drug in the UK, meaning it is illegal to take Pregabalin unless it has been prescribed for you by a doctor.

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