10 drug powder surface wipe drug testing kits

Surface wipe, powder or tablet drug residue screening kit for 10 drugs

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Accurate surface drug screening testing kits to detect drug misuse in environments

Wipe any surface using the panel prongs, or add suspect powders or crushed tablets to the buffer solution, for rapid detection and identification of illicit drugs. Test for and identifies 10 individual drug groups.

  • Suitable for the workplace, vehicle, office, shops, clubs, pubs, home.
  • Available singly or in cartons of 25 drug residue and surface wipe drug screening test kits.
  • Use to screen for drug residues, test powders, test crushed tablets or tobacco or plant fibers for drugs. It can be used to wipe keyboards, toilets, work surfaces shared vehicles for the presence of drug residues.

Each surface drug test kit will screen for the presence of each of the following 10 drugs with individual results positive or negative for each drug group:

  • Opiates (heroin) MOP
  • Ecstasy MDMA
  • Cocaine and Crack COC
  • Amphetamine, speed, whiz AMP
  • Methamphetamine, Crystal Ice MET
  • Methadone MTD
  • Benzodiazepines, tranquilizer, date rape BZO
  • Ketamine KET
  • Buprenorphine BUP
  • Cannabis, marijuana, skunk THC

How to perform the surface drug test

  1. Read the instructions supplied with the test kit before your begin the test
  2. Remove the surface drug test kit from the foil pouch
  3. Remove the cap
  4. If you are wiping a surface then wipe the prongs along the surface making sure that the prongs on both sides of the panel come into contact with the surface you wish to test. 
  5. Open the buffer solution
  6. Take the cap that was removed from the drug test, hold it upright and pour the buffer solution into the cap.
  7. Insert the prongs fully back into the cap holding it upright
  8. Keep the prongs inserted into the buffer solution in the cap and hold upright for about 10-15 seconds and you should start to see pink dye appearing in the results windows on both sides of the test panel.
  9. You can then lie the test kit flat with the cap still on 
  10. Read the result at 5-10 minutes
  11. You will get an individual result for each drug

How to use the surface drug test kit to test a suspect substance or white powder

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 as above

  1. If you are using the test kit to test a white powder then you can either wipe all the prongs through the suspect substance or you can add the white powder directly to the buffer solution in the bottle (if doing this shake gently to mix)

Then follow all the other steps as above

If you wish to test a tablet, then crush it and add the powder to the buffer solution and mix, and then follow the steps as above.

How to read the results of the surface drug test kit?

  1. The results should be read at between 5-10 minutes
  2. Hold the test kit upright so that any remaining buffer solution will not leak out and carefully remove the test kit from the cap
  3. Look at each window and there should be a C line (control line) This means that the drug testing kit has absorbed enough of the solution and that the test is valid. If there is no C line (rare)  then dip the prongs back into any remaining solution in the cap and hold upright for 10-15 seconds until a C line is visible in each window
  4. Once you have a C line in each window then look for the T line in each window (Test line) 
  5. If there is a T line and a C line this is a negative result (i.e no drug detected)
  6. If you have a C line but no T line then this is a positive result for that individual drug and means the drug has been detected on the surface or in the substance you have tested.
  7. The codes for the individual drugs are printed on the test kit next to the window so you will be able to see which drug was detected.

Help and advice

This test is very easy to perform, but if you need any help or assistance in performing the test or interpreting the results, our customer services team will be happy to assist you.

We also have a product demonstration video (link below) which you may find helpful to watch before you perform the test

View product demonstration videos


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