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ALLTEST 10 Panel Employment Urine Drug Test Kit DOA-1107-A1 Drug Test Cup With Adulteration Strip

ALLTEST 10 Panel Employment Urine Drug Test Kit DOA-1107-A1 Drug Test Cup With Adulteration Strip

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10 panel drug test cup for employment

A screw lid drug test cup with integrated 10 drug drug test kit DOA-1107-A1 rapid urine drug test kit including modern recreational drug tests while still covering safety critical workplace drug testing needs. This combination drug testing cup is designed for a younger demographic workforce and includes a urine adulteration test strip.

Key features of the 10 panel drug test cup for employers

  • Ideal onsite rapid urine drug testing kit for the construction industry, logistics and safety critical workplace drug screening.
  • Each drug test kit is an individually foil wrapped integrated cup urine drug testing kit.
  • The drug test cup is very quick and easy to use with results in minutes
  • CE, FDA, ISO, TUV, GMP IVDD quality certs.
  • Highly accurate drug test results for all the drug test membranes included.
  • This urine drug test cup also includes a urine adulteration test strip integrated into the cup for oxidants / specific gravity / pH adulteration test pads and a temperature test strip. This is to check that the urine sample is fresh and has not been diluted, adulterated or tampered with.

Drugs screened for on this 10 panel drug test cup:

  • THC Cannabis, 50ng Marijuana, weed, pot, grass, hash etc 5-30 days
  • COC Cocaine, Crack 300ng 3-5 days
  • MOP Opiates, Heroin 300ng 3-5 days
  • AMP Amphetamine, Speed, Whiz 1000ng 2-6 days
  • MTD Methadone 300ng 2-10 days
  • MDMA (Ecstasy). 500ng 2-6 days
  • KET Ketamine, 1000ng 3-5 days
  • BZO Benzodiazepines, sedatives 300ng 5-30 days
  • K2/K3 50ng synthetic cannabis, Spice 2-3 days
  • Buprenorphine 10ng Subutex 3-6 days

Download ALLTEST Screw Lid Drug Test Cup Instructions

Latest drug test combinations on this drug test cup

This 10 panel combination drug test cup addresses the rising recreational use of ketamine and synthetic cannabis, commonly not included in traditional workplace drug testing kits, while also covering all the traditional drugs of abuse, especially sedatives. It is especially suitable for drug screening in a younger demographic workforce undertaking safety critical employment roles and is an ideal employment and pre-employment drug test kit for younger workforces.

This 10 drug cup combination drug test kit is a little higher in cost than other 10 drug cups, as it includes the premium K2 synthetic Cannabis drug testing membrane.

Order the employment drug test online or contact us for wholesale employment and pre employment drug test kits. If you need any advice or assistance please contact our customer support team who will be happy to help you.

Watch our 10 Panel Employment Cup Test Demonstration Video...

If we are out of stock or low stock on this 10 panel drug test cup a good alternative drug test is the split key 10 panel drug test cup.

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Customer Reviews

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T Banks
Easy to use

We chose this option for the spice cannabis test which is included. the cup test is well made and worked for us. it was easy to do the test and all the results were clear. The temperature reading is very faint and takes a few minutes to show.
Happy with the test results and we will be using this again.