7 panel recruitment drug testing kit cup screw lid ALL TEST

ALLTEST 7 Panel Recruitment Drug Testing Cup Kit DOA-177-A1

  • £5.56

The next delivery of the bulk packs of this 7 panel cup drug test kit are due in our UK warehouse at the end of September. If you would like to pre-order this drug test cup in bulk, please contact UK Drug Testing trade team.

If you need drug test cups before the next delivery we recommend the 11 panel drug test cups 

7 panel drug test cup 

An ideal 7 panel cup drug test kit for pre-employment recruitment urine drug testing and home drug testing.

This drug test cup includes drug tests for 7 common drugs of abuse with individual results for each drug group.

Key features of the 7 panel recruitment drug test cup

  • 7 panel drug test kit is built into the drug test cup
  • Individual result for each drug
  • Quick and easy to use and read results
  • A1 screw lid urine cup system with a single chamber.
  • Ideal lower cost option where original sample is not required for confirmation screening.
  • Reduced Opiate detection at 2000ng to exclude most low dose codeine.
  • Gives an on-site point of care drug test results in under 10 minutes
  • This drug test cup is fully CE, FDA, ISO, TUV, GMP IVDD certified.
  • Highly accurate.

Loaded with 7-panel urine drug testing kit for the following drugs:

  • THC 50ng/ml Marijuana-Cannabis, Weed)  single use 3-14 days heavy use up to 30 days
  • AMP 1000ng/ml Amphetamines-Speed, amph or whizz  up to 2-6 days
  • COC 300ng/ml Cocaine-Coke, Crack or Charlie up to 2-5 days
  • MET 1000ng/ml Methamphetamines-Glass, Ice or Meth up to 2-6 days
  • MTD 300ng/ml Methadone, Dolly, Red Rock up to 2-8 days
  • OPI  2000ng/ml Morphine - Opiates detects for up to up to 2-5 days
  • BZO 300 Benzodiazepine- Benzos 2-14 days

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