International Construction Drug & Alcohol Test Screening Pack

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International construction workers drug and alcohol testing starter pack

Targeting marine, civil aviation and international construction industry drug and alcohol testing this pack combines our 11 drug urine cups with 0.02% breath alcohol test single-use breathalyzers and 1 UKAS accredited legally defensible confirmation test pack

Pack Contents

  • 25 x 11 drug urine cup test kits
  • 20 x Mission 0.02% BAC breath alcohol single-use breathalyzer kits
  • 1 UKAS accredited single drug lab confirmation pack
  • All test kits are individually foil wrapped with long use-by dates
  • Very quick and easy to use with results in minutes
  • CE, FDA, ISO, TUV, GMP IVDD quality certs.
  • Highly accurate.

Drugs screened for with separate positive or negative results: 

  • Methamphetamine 1000ng
  • Cocaine 300ng
  • Benzodiazepine 300ng
  • Cannabis 50ng
  • Opiates 2000ng
  • Barbiturates 300ng
  • Methadone 300ng
  • PCP 25ng
  • Propoxyphene 300ng
  • Methlaquone 300ng
  • Amphetamine 500ng

Mission professional 20 test packs of 0.02% BAC equivalent breath alcohol tests

  • Breath Alcohol Detector 0.02%BAC indicator UK HSE sensitivity. (Professional drivers, HSE, Industrial and workplace alcohol testing)
  • Zero tolerance alcohol detection suitable for industrial testing & professional drivers (HGV & PSV, minibus drivers, forklift drivers etc)
  • Portable and disposable alcohol breathalyser/detector
  • Provides non-invasive "first screening".
  • Very easy to use & interpret single level disposable breathalyser kit
  • Reliable results within 2 minutes.
  • Easily carried in a pocket, glove box or purse
  • Crystal colour change if Blood Alcohol Content is equal or above 0.02%BAC

1 x back to lab pre-paid single drug confirmation pack with legally defensible full workplace chain of custody instructions and documents

Additional laboratory confirmation drug test packs can be purchased here


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