Cannabinol drug testing kits now available

Cannabinol drug testing kits now available

ALLTEST Cannabinol drug test

Cannabinol drug test

UK Drug Testing have introduced the new ALLTEST Cannabinol CNB drug testing strips in packs of 50 test strips. The drug test strips have a detection sensitivity of 500ng and detect cannabinols for 5-8days.

Cannabinol is not detected by other Cannabis drug tests screening for THC and its metabolites. This is because Cannabinols contain too little THC for the taditional tests to detect. The new CNB drug test strips detect Cannabinol directly and are specific for cannabinol. 

Cannabinol is marketed as a sedative tranquiliser or relaxant. It is also abused as a potentiator for THC and other drugs. 

See the new Cannabinol drug testing strip

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