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ALLTEST CNB Cannabinol Urine Drug Testing Strips

  • £12.99

ALLTEST Cannabinol CNB urine drug testing strips

CNB is the most sedative of the cannabinoids and "marketed" as a sedative. Cannabinol is also found in traditional Hashish and degraded THC it is also used to potentiate the effects of cannabis. Abuse is common and it is not detected by THC tests or synthetic or AbPINICA test strips

Key points about the CNB Cannabinol drug test strips:

  • 500ng sensitivity 
  • 99.8% accuracy
  • Detects Cannabinol in urine for 5 - 30 days after last use.
  • Quick and easy to use urine drug test strip
  • Read result in 3-5 minutes
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST
  • Full CE & international quality certified test
  • Each drug test kit is an individually foil wrapped urine drug test strip.

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