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Which is the best breathalyser for Scotland?

Scotland's alcohol breathalyser limit

breathalyser Scotland limit

With a lower drink drive prosecution level from the rest of the UK it is important to screen at the correct level for alcohol on a breath alcohol test performed in Scotland.

0.05% Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is currently the Scottish legal limit while in the rest of the UK 0.08% BAC is still applied.

Why is the alcohol breathalyser level lower in Scotland ?

The Scotish parliament voted for the lower level and the UK are yet to make a revision in the law which remiains higher than the most of the rest or Europe.

Single use breathalysers are excellent alcohol screening tests for business use.

UK Drug Testing have a range of Mission brand 0.05% BAC single use breath alcohol testers available in 20 test packs for business alcohol screening at Scottish levels.

Business's regularly sending drivers north of the border to Scotland may consider testing at the lower Scottish level across the UK, to prevent their drivers falling subject to a lower roadside test while on Scotland's roads.

Mission 0.05% tests are available here

Considering a digital hand held breathalyser?

Digital breathalysers can be split in to screening, non certified breathalysers, and evidential or certified breathalysers. The initial choice for screening need not be too expensive, the AL7000 breathalyser starts at around £70 with mouth pieces, but if you need an evidential unit expect and entry level digital breathalyser from Draeger to be between £600-700

One tip when you're considering the options, you don't need a printer for the breathalyser to be evidential and home office approved, it's just a convenience feature but in no way integral to the evidential certification of the results.

Do I need an evidential certified breathalyser?

Best workplace breathalyser for Scotland Draeger 6820

If you are workplace testing the simple answer is yes. Without the certification you will require a separate method of confirmation for any positive screening tests before taking any action. This could be an absolute blood alcohol level test, but this will need arranging with a sample collection service or a company medical officer or occupational health department. Blood alcohol test results still remain the gold standard, but in reality they are hard to access for all but the largest business testers.

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