employment alcohol test kits for workplace alcohol testing

Standard Employment HSE 0.02%BAC Alcohol Screening Pack

  • £105.00

A workplace and employment alcohol screening pack for 20 alcohol tests

  • Ideal low cost, non-evidential screening pack for business users & healthcare.
  • Additional breathalyser mouthpieces and sensors available in the breathalyser section of our website.

If you require an evidential workplace breathalyser see the Draeger 6820

Workplace and employment alcohol screening pack contents

  • 20 x single use breath alcohol detectors (test and drive)
  • 1 x AL7000 mg/L digital breathalyser
  • 1 x spare pre-calibrated AL7000 sensor
  • 50 x professional uni-directional breathalyser mouthpieces for AL7000

How to use this alcohol screening pack in your workplace

  • The 20 single-use breath alcohol detectors for font line alcohol screening on the shop floor, on multi-sites or even off-site as required.
  • Many employers give these directly to their employees for self-screening as required.
  • Any positive tests can then be referred for AL7000 digital breathalyser testing, which will display the actual alcohol content and is supplied with a spare pre-calibrated sensor module and 50 professional mouthpieces.

AL7000 digital breathalyser information

  • User changeable sensor module.
  • Clip in clip out replacement breathalyser sensor avoids sending away for service.
  • CE RoHS Certified
  • New oxide semiconductor Japanese sensor with 25% greater specificity
  • Display 3 digits LED
  • Sensor Accuracy: +/- 010MG at 100MG BAC
  • Test number counter
  • Rapid multi-testing
  • Auto power-off
  • 1-year warranty on this digital breathalyser unit
  • Comes with full presentation box, battery, AL7000 user manual, 5 breathalyser mouthpieces & carry case with strap.


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