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Ecstasy MDMA Powder and Surface Wipe Drug Test Kit DMD-X14

Ecstasy MDMA Powder and Surface Wipe Drug Test Kit DMD-X14

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Powder and Surface Wipe Test Kit for Ecstasy MDMA

Can be used to test a surface for Ecstasy MDMA drug residues or to test a powder to see if it contains ecstasy.

Key features of the surface test kit for ecstasy

  • A screen for powders and surface wipe screening for Ecstasy 500ng/ml
  • Provides a rapid 5-10 minute on-site screen.
  • This is a dip strip format for ease of use.
  • Screens powders and surface residues for MDMA Ecstasy 

How to use the surface wipe test kit to detect MDMA

    1. Read the instructions provided and have a timer available before starting.
    2. Remove the ecstasy test kit from the foil and take the cap off. Keep the cap that you have removed nearby, as it is required in a later step.
    3. Hold the ecstasy test kit so that the prong is facing downwards
    4. If you are using the test kit as a surface test then wipe the prong that sticks out thoroughly across the surface that you wish to test. 
    5. If you are testing a tablet, crush it into a fine powder and wipe the prong in the powder
    6. Now, fill the device cap that you removed from the test with cold tap water
    7. Keeping the cap upright so as not to spill the tap water, carefully put the prong into the cap so that it can absorb the water and leave it there for 10-15 seconds in the upright position.
    8. You should now be able to see a pink colour appear within the window on the test kit
    9. Make sure the cap is secure and lay the test kit flat. Set your timer for 10 minutes.
    10. Read the result at 5-10 minutes

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