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AL7000 Sensor-Replacement AL7000 Breathalyser Sensor Module mg/L

AL7000 Sensor-Replacement AL7000 Breathalyser Sensor Module mg/L

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AL7000 replacement sensor

Replacement AL7000 sensor module for AL7000 digital breathalyser set to display mg/L BrAC. 

We recommend that sensor in the AL7000 breathalyser should be changed at least every 12 months to maintain its accuracy, or more often if used for frequent testing, in which case It is often useful to keep a spare AL7000 sensor.

Key features of AL7000 sensor

  • Factory calibrated AL7000 sensor
  • Ready to fit
  • Sent will full fitting instructions
  • Eliminates the delays and complications of re-calibration by allowing you to simply "snap out" the old AL7000 sensor module and "snap-in" the new sensor module.
  • This way, you can get back to reliable, accurate breath alcohol testing in a matter of seconds.
  • The AL7000 sensor is only for use with AL7000 breathalysers with a mg/L BrAC (fitting in other AL7000 breathalysers will reset the display to mg/L BrAC)

The replacement AL7000 sensor will fit the following digital breathalaysers:


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