Remember Scotland also has the lower drink drive limits

Remember Scotland also has the lower drink drive limits

Just a quick blog post to remind you that Scotland has now had a lower drink drive level than England for over 3 years.

The level in Scotland is 0.05% BAC in line with much of the rest of Europe. The rest of the UK still remains at the higher 0.08% BAC drink drive level.

The Scottish Parliament lowered the drink drive limit to 0.05% BAC in December 2014. The law lowered the blood alcohol limit from 0.08 %BAC to 0.05 %BAC bringing Scotland in line with most of Europe. The limit in England and Wales will remain 0.08%BAC. As it will in Northern Ireland for the time being. The Northern Ireland Assembly is also expected to lower the limit in the near future. Scottish buyers or anyone using breathalysers in Scotland need to choose the 0.05 %BAC or below breathalyzers. All our digital breathalyzers already have alarm settings of 0.05 % BAC and continue to be suitable for use in Scotland. 

If you are buying a breathalyser for use in Scotland remember the Scottish drink drive limit is lower than the rest of the UK at 0.05% BAC

We have a range of 0.05% BAC digital breathalysers .

The AL7000 digital breathalyser is currently your best choice for a personal digital breathalyser if you will be travelling to Scotland, EU or France

If you looking for breathalysers for Scotland or France select 0.05% BAC

If you are buying a breathalyser for use in Scotland make sure it is set to Scottish level.

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The Test and Drive single use multi-level breathalyzers are an ideal choice if you are traveling within the EU or to Scotland this summer and you need to take some breathalyzer kits with you. They display a different colour change for 0.0, 0.2, 0.5 & 0.8% equivalent blood alcohol levels and are available in single packs or packs of 30 breathalyzer kits.

Contact our customer services team for wholesale enquiries or visit our wholesale site ADTUK

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