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Wholesale ALLTEST 10 Panel Workplace Split Key Cup Drug Test Kits DOA-1107-B1-TRAM/KET

  • £1,325.00

Wholesale drug testing kits from UKDrugTesting. The ALLTEST 10 panel dual chamber cup design (B1) allows sample collection, adulteration and temperature checking, and storage. Key operated testing required to initiate the drug test with a small sub-sample fed to the drug test membranes, with retention of the remaining sample in the collection chamber. The original sample remains available should confirmation drug testing be indicated by a positive on-site test result. 

Supplied in stacks of 100 cups (4 x 25 drug test cup cartons) ALLTEST brand exceeds all CE, FDA, ISO, TUV, GMP IVDD quality certs.

Our Guaranteed, highest accuracy drug test membranes available from any manufacturer.

We think this modern combination, including both Tramadol and Ketamine drug tests, offers an ideal choice.

Individual positive or negative results for the following drug types.
THC Cannabis, 50ng Marijuana, puff, spliff or hash. Detects casual use up to 2-14 days heavy use up to 30 days
COC Cocaine, Crack 300ng 3-5 days
OPI Opiates, Heroin 2000ng 3-5 days
AMP Amphetamine, Speed, Whiz 1000ng 2-6 days 
BZO Benzodiazepines, sedatives 300ng 5-30 days
TML Tramadol, 500ng 6-10 days
KET Ketamine, 1000ng 3-5 days
MTD Methadone 300ng 2-10 days
MET Methamphetamine Crystal Ice 1000ng 2-6 days
MDMA (Ecstasy) 1000ng 2-6 days
Temperature strip on every cup ensures urine is fresh and at body temperature.

Now also includes a 3 pad urine adulteration test strip for even greater assurance of the sample quality being tested.

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