Professional Breathalyzer Mouthpieces

  • £9.95

These professional uni-directional mouthpieces fit all the following digital breathalyser models: DA5000, AL5000, DA7000, AL7000, AL6000, AL6000i, DA8000, Alcomate, Alcomate Pro & Alcohawk Pro & ABI and Alcomate Prestige, CA2000  & Alcodigital Platinum

Key features

  • All our professional breathalyser mouthpieces are individually cellophane wrapped.
  • Single cellophane wrapped rigid plastic professional breathalyser mouthpieces
  • Internal uni-directional valve.
  • The unidirectional valve ensures the breathalyser receives a deep lung breath sample and prevents attempts to cheat the breath test by sucking instead of blowing.
  • The uni-directional valve function assures compliance and eliminates false trigger risk.
  • Use these breathalyser mouthpieces as disposable single use for infection control.

Fit all the following Breathalyzer models.

  • DA5000 & AL5000
  • AL6000 & AL6000i
  • AL7000
  • AL8000 & DA8000
  • CA2000 Alcomate Pro & Prestige Alcohawk Pro & ABI 
  • Alcodigital Platinum

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