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Breathalyser Mouthpieces AL6000 / AL7000 / AlcoDigital Platinum

Breathalyser Mouthpieces AL6000 / AL7000 / AlcoDigital Platinum

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Replacement uni-directional breathalyser mouthpieces for AL7000 digital breathalyser, AL6000 digital breathalyser and AlcoDigital Platinum fuel cell breathalyser

Key features of the breathalyser mouthpieces

  • All our professional breathalyser mouthpieces are individually cellophane wrapped to ensure they are clean and not previously used.
  • Single cellophane wrapped rigid plastic professional breathalyser mouthpieces in outer bags of 50 pieces.
  • Internal uni-directional valve ensures adequate pressure is maintained in delivering the breath sample to the breathalyser sensor.
  • The unidirectional valve in the mouthpiece also ensures the breathalyser receives a deep lung breath sample and prevents attempts to cheat the breath test by sucking instead of blowing.
  • The uni-directional valve function helps assure compliance and eliminates false trigger risk.
  • Use these breathalyser mouthpieces as disposable single use for infection control.

The breathalyser mouthpieces are compatible with all the following digital breathalyser models:

  • DA5000 & AL5000
  • AL6000 & AL6000i
  • AL7000
  • AL8000 & DA8000
  • CA2000
  • Alcomate Pro & Prestige
  • Alcohawk Pro & ABI 
  • Alcodigital Platinum

Breathalyser mouthpieces wholesale supplier

You can buy breathalyser mouthpieces in bulk and wholesale packs online through this website. if you require larger volumes please contact our wholesale and trade team for wholesale prices on breathalyser mouthpieces

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