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Dräger (Draeger ) 6820 workplace certified evidential breathalyser with printer case and 100 mouth pieces

Dräger (Draeger ) 6820 workplace certified evidential breathalyser with printer case and 100 mouth pieces

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Draeger 6820 breathalyser with printer case and 100 mouth pieces

The Draeger 6820 digital breathalyser plus printer is the latest model from Draeger, offering highly accurate results and home office approved evidential breathalyser capabilities, making it perfect for workplace use. This robust Draeger breathalyser, also spelled Dräger, is known for its durability and accuracy. It comes equipped with a wireless printer for convenient use. Renowned as the most popular choice among commercial and local authority breathalysers in the UK, its price includes VAT and FREE UK Courier Delivery

Key features of Draeger 6820 breathalyser

  • New model Draeger 6820 breathalyser
  • Wireless printer
  • Fast warm up so ready to use approximately 2 seconds after switching on.
  • Much faster than its predecessor.
  • Easy to use menus with 14 different measurement settings
  • Expanded Memory - last 5000 tests stored in memory
  • Test counter - to ensure on-time calibration (every 6 months or 500 tests)
  • Tough case - made from shockproof, damp proof material to protect breathalyser, printer & spares
  • LCD Display - Plain text, back-lit display and audible signal.
  • Compact and easy to hold and use
  • Single OK button - for simple, intuitive operation

Draeger 6820 Evidential Breathalyser Pack Contents

  • Draeger 6820 breathalyser
  • Wireless mobile printer
  • 3 x Draeger 6820 mouthpieces
  • Instruction manual
  • Hard case
  • 6x 1.5v Duracell batteries
  • Wrist strap 
  • Supplied with 100 extra mouthpieces

Draeger 6820 breathalyser mouthpieces

  • Non return valves to prevent any manipulation attempts.
  • Additional Draeger 6820 breathalyser mouthpieces are available in packs of 100
  • A new Draeger breathalyser mouthpiece should be used for each person being tested

Delivery: please allow 3 - 5 working days. This item is not available for next day delivery.

Please note:It is important to remember that alcohol levels can continue to rise after an individual has consumed alcohol, and that the levels may continue to rise after you have performed a breath alcohol test. Any alcohol in the blood impairs an individuals ability to perform a task and increases the chances of having an accident. In view of this if any alcohol is detected by the breathalyser, even if the colour change indicates that the level is low, we advise that the individual should not drive or operate machinery.

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