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Draeger (Dräger) Breathalyser Mouthpieces

Draeger (Dräger) Breathalyser Mouthpieces

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Draeger mouthpieces for the Alcotest breathalyser range

Draeger Alcotest breathalyser mouthpieces are compatible with the following Dräger Alcotest breathalysers:3000, 5510, 5820, 6000, 6510, 6810, 6810 Med, 6820, 7000 and 7510.

Key features of the Draeger Alcotest breathalyser mouthpieces

  • The patented Draeger breathalyser mouthpieces prevent any manipulation attempts.
  • Draeger mouthpieces have non-return valves
  • Also, fit Draeger breathalyser models Alcotest 5510, 6510, 6810, 6810 Med, Alcotest 7510
  • Draeger breathalyzer mouthpieces are supplied in manufacturers original cartons of 100 Draeger breathalyser mouthpieces (Draeger is also spelled Dräger)
  • A new Draeger breathalyser mouthpiece should be used for each person tested

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