Ketamine urine drug testing strips ALLTEST drug test kits

ALLTEST Ketamine Drug Testing Strips

  • £4.40

ALLTEST Ketamine urine drug test strips

Key points:

  • Ketamine drug tests 50ng sensitivity.
  • Detects Ketamine for 3-5 days after last use.
  • Quick and easy to use urine drug test strip
  • Read result in 3-5 minutes
  • Full CE & international quality certified test.
  • Each drug test kit is an individually foil wrapped urine drug test strip to detect Ketamine use
  • 99.8% accuracy

What is Ketamine

  • Ketamine is a powerful dissociative anaesthetic prescription only drug
  • It is used in medicine and veterinary medicine as an anaesthetic where it is usually injected intravenously as a clear liquid
  • Ketamine is a class B controlled drug in the UK
  • In misuse on the streets it is usually sold as a white powder or sometimes as a tablet or a clear liquid

Common street names for Ketamine

  • Special K
  • Ket
  • K
  • VitaminK
  • Super K

How is Ketamine misused

  • The most popular method of abuse of Ketamine in the UK is to snort it
  • It can also be injected or taken by mouth

Ketamine use is on the increase in the UK

  • Public Health England has expressed concerns that ketamine misuse amongst young adults and teenagers in on the increase in the UK
  • There have also been an increase in the number of police seizures for Ketamine which also suggests that the drug is being more widely misused.


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