ALLTEST 5 panel recruitment drug urine drug test kit UK

ALLTEST 5 panel Recruitment Drug Test Kits

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ALLTEST Recruitment combination 5-panel drug testing kit DOA 154 offers a modern drug screening combination for a younger workforce.

  • A modern urine drug test combination that reflects changing drug use patterns in the <30 UK demographic.
  • Loaded with Ultra-Sensitive drug testing membranes for greater detection.
  • Ideal for recruitment, pre-employment and random workplace drug testing 
  • Individual positive or negative results for each drug group tested.
  • CE FDA ISO TUV IVDD certified quality drug test kits with over 99% accuracy.
  • Quick and easy to use and read results
  • 5 panel urine drug test kit screens urine for 5 most common drugs now in UK
  • Also good choice of urine drug test kit for parents and schools

Each 5 panel urine drug test kit screens for:

  • Cannabis THC 20ng/ml 5-30 days after use.
  • Cocaine and Crack  150ng/ml 3-5 days after use
  • Amphetamine Speed 500ng/ml 3-5 days after use
  • Opiates Morphine & Codeine 300ng/ml 3-5 days after use
  • Ketamine Ket or Special K 100ng/ml 3-5 days after use

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