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ALLTEST 4 + 4 Panel Direct Saliva Drug Testing Kit for 8 drugs DSD-843+DSD-843/K2

ALLTEST 4 + 4 Panel Direct Saliva Drug Testing Kit for 8 drugs DSD-843+DSD-843/K2

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Combination direct saliva drug testing kit with no sample handling with the ALLTEST 4+4 drug direct saliva drug testing kit for 8 drugs 

  • Combines 2 unique ALLTEST direct saliva drug testing kits to offer 8 drug group screens
  • ALLTEST mouth swab drug test kits
  • No sample handling
  • A unique new combination of 8 drug saliva test, many not previously available as saliva drug tests including Tramadol, Synthetic Cannabis, Ecstacy and Methadone
  • Each 4 panel drug test can be used separately or in combination, offering maximum flexibility and targeted testing.

How to use the ALLTEST DSD843 direct saliva drug test kits:

  • Remove drug test kit from foil pouch and remove the cover.
  • Wipe the swab tongue collector around the mouth and oral cavity
  • Then ask the donor to feed saliva onto the collector, held in the mouth.
  • Watch the test membranes running in the results windows and remove the test after the control lines have formed.
  • Read the result at 10 minutes.

The video below shows you how to use the direct saliva drug test kit DSD-863-MET Workplace

The procedure for using both the direct saliva drug test kits is the same.


Key features of this ALLTEST oral fluid drug test kit

  • Manufactured by ALLTEST
  • Direct saliva drug test kit
  • CE FDA ISO TUV and IVDD certified
  • Over 99% accuracy.
  • Screens saliva for 8 common drugs
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Full instructions supplied
  • Screens saliva sample for the following common drugs: Cannabis, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine, Methadone, Tramadol, Synthetic Cannabis and Ecstacy 

Saliva drug test detection levels, abbreviations & detection times for these two ALLTEST test kits

Saliva drug testing kit no 1 DSD-843

  1. Cannabis 12ng/ml THC up to 8-12hrs if THC residues remain in the mouth.
  2. Cocaine 20ng/ml COC up to 24 hrs
  3. Opiates 40ng/ml OPI Opiate & Heroin up to 48 hrs
  4. Amphetamine 50ng/ml AMP up to 72hrs

Saliva drug testing kit no 2 DSD-843/K2

  1. K2 Synthetic Cannabis 25ng/ml K2 & K3 Synthetic Cannabis up to 48hrs
  2. MDMA Ecstacy 50ng/ml 48 hours
  3. Tramadol 30ng/ml TML up to 72hrs
  4. Methadone 30ng/ml between 12-24hrs

Important information: 

  • Saliva drug testing kits for Cannabis only detect the parent THC compound and do not detect metabolites, This means the parent compound must still be present in the oral cavity for the test to show positive. Eating, drinking, or rinsing the mouth after smoking can reduce detection.
  • Make sure that you have removed the cover from the oral drug test kit before you try to do the drug test. We have had a customer who thought the test kit was faulty because they had failed to remove the cover before placing the drug test kit in the mouth. If the cover is left in place the drug testing kit is unable to absorb any saliva. 
  • The drug test carton shown is normally only supplied when you order 25 drug tests and over. Smaller quantities are supplied as loose foils with instruction leaflet. 
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