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ALLTEST 3 Panel Opioid Drug Test Kit DOA-134-Opiate

ALLTEST 3 Panel Opioid Drug Test Kit DOA-134-Opiate

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Select quantity 3 panel drug test kits

Urine drug test kit to differentiate opiates, methadone and heroin.

  • 3 panel opioid differentiation urine drug test kit
  • Unique combination urine drug test kit screening for Morphine, Methadone and 6-MAM (Heroin)
  • Combined in a triple membrane urine drug test panel
  • Detects MOP-300ng/ml, MTD-300ng/ml, 6-MAM-10ng/ml

Uses for the the 3 panel Opioid urine drug test kit

  • Check for compliance on Methadone regime
  • Rapid on-site confirmation of a positive MOP test being caused by Heroin (6-MAM will be positive also)
  • If MOP is positive but 6-MAM is negative this excludes street Heroin being the cause of the positive MOP (likely opiate analgesic consumption)
  • Removes the ability to "mask" Heroin use with an opiate pain killer in rapid testing.

Key features of the opioid 3 panel drug test kit

  • Easy to use urine drug test kit to detect heroin use or abstinence and methadone compliance
  • 98% accurate  
  • Easy to read with results in under 5 minutes.
  • Foil wrapped for long shelf life
  • Full easy to follow drug testing instructions sent with every order.

Screens for these 3 drug groups

  • MOP-300, Morphine 300ng up to 3-5 days
  • MTD-300 Methadone 300ng/ml  up to 2-3 days
  • 6-MAM-10 Heroin specific 10ng/ml  up to 2-5 days

Opioid drug test kit detection times urine

The detection window times shown above for drug group detection are guides only and assume common quantities of all drugs have been used. As with all rapid on-site drug tests, all non negative results should be confirmed using an accredited laboratory method prior to any clinical or other decisions being taken.

Intended use of this Opioid drug test kit

This drug test kit is ideal for screening within a monitored and agreed Methadone treatment program, where abstinence from heroin and other non prescribed opiates is agreed. It also allows immediate differentiation of between heroin and other opiates for anyone screening for opiate misuse.

 Download ALLTEST multi-panel drug test instructions

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