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ALLTEST 3 Panel Drug Test Kit Bath Salts

ALLTEST 3 Panel Drug Test Kit Bath Salts

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Select quantity bath salts drug test kit

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The three panel Bath Salts drug test kits are currently out of stock. If you would like a drug test kit that tests for bath salts we have a 5 panel drug test kit that tests for bath salts

Alternatively if you would like to place an order for 3 Panel drug test kit for Bath Salts, we can have them manufactured for you. Please contact our trade team by email if you would like to order them. The lead time on Bath Salts drug test kits manufactured to order is currently around 8-12 weeks.

Drug test kit to screen urine for synthetic Cathinones or "Bath Salt" constituent drugs

  • The group of synthetic drugs commonly referred to as Bath salts is rising.
  • Unique combination urine drug test kit to screen for Bath Salt use
  • Combined in a triple panel urine Bath Salts drug test kit
  • Detects MDPV 1000, alpha-PVP 1000 and MCAT 500
  • Most comprehensive drug screen available for Bath salt abuse
  • Easy to use bath salts drug test kit
  • 98% accurate  
  • Easy to read with results in under 5 minutes.
  • Foil wrapped for long shelf life
  • Full easy to follow drug-testing instructions sent with every order.
  • Next day UK delivery available.

Screens for 3 common compounds sold as Bath Salts


  • MDPV 1000ng recreational psychoactive 3-5 days
  • Alpha-PVP synthetic stimulant based around cathinone 3-5 days
  • MCAT Methcathinone psychoactive stimulant 500ng  2-5 days

Bath Salts Drug Test Detection Period 

  • The detection periods indicate the window after usage during which you would expect detection of the drug to still be possible.
  • This drug test kit combines for the first time the 3 common constituent drugs sold as Bath Salts.

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