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ALLTEST 10 Panel E-Z UK Standard Industry Drug Test Kit Urine DOA-1107-B1-TCA/BAR B1 Split Key Drug Test Cup

ALLTEST 10 Panel E-Z UK Standard Industry Drug Test Kit Urine DOA-1107-B1-TCA/BAR B1 Split Key Drug Test Cup

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ALL Test 10 panel standard UK drug test kit combination loaded into a split chamber (B1 design) key operated urine collection cup

  • The classic UK Drug Testing standard industry drug test combination
  • The urine drug test will not run until the operator is ready and has completed the temperature strip check on the sample.
  • This combination drug test kit offers drug testing for 10 drugs including Cannabis Cocaine, ecstacy and tri cyclic antidepressants detection
  • Retains original urine sample for confirmation if required.
  • CE, FDA, ISO, TUV, GMP IVDD quality certs.
  • Highest accuracy drug test membranes available.
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST

Drug test cup loaded with 10 panel drug test kit for the following 10 drugs of abuse:

  • THC 50ng/ml Marijuana Cannabis, single use 3-14 days heavy use up to 30 days
  • AMP 1000ng/ml Amphetamine Speed, amph or whizz up to 2-6 days 
  • COC 300ng/ml Cocaine and crack cocaine 3-5 days
  • MET 1000ng/ml Methamphetamine Glass, ice or meth up to 2-6 days 
  • MTD 300ng/ml Methadone Dolly, Red Rock up to 2-8 days 
  • MOP 300ng/ml Morphine detects for up to up to 2-5 days 
  • BZO 300 Benzodiazepine 2-14 days
  • BAR 300ng/ml Barbiturates Depressants, Barbs, Downers up to 3-8 days 
  • TCA 300ng/ml Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA 6 -10 days depending on the duration of drug use.
  • MDMA 1000ng/ml Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA Ecstasy or E's up to 2-6 days
  • Temperature strip on every cup ensures urine is fresh and at body temperature.

Download ALLTEST B1 Split Chamber Key Cup Instructions


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Gary Martin
OK price worked well.

Used this cup as they did not have the usual 13 cup I normally get. Not as straight forward and a few less tests and the video was good to see how it worked. Results all as expected so all good. Would still go for the 13 cup when its available as its easier.