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drug testing kit

ALLTEST 10 panel (5+5) Schools Combination Urine Drug Test Kits

ALLTEST 10 panel (5+5) Schools Combination Urine Drug Test Kits

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We also have a special offer on this combined schools drug test kit here which is in stock.

Schools combination drug test kit

The ALLTEST 5 Panel Standard Drug Test Kit Combination 1 for the 5 traditional drugs of misuse in combination with ALLTEST 5 panel NPS Urine Drug Test KIt (New Psychoactive Substances) combine to offer the best up to date screen for modern drugs of recreational and casual abuse making it an Ideal drug testing kit for schools and parents.

Another good urine drug test kit to mix and match with these two if you are drug testing in school or at home is the 5 panel club drugs urine drug test kit

What's included with the schools combination drug test kits

  • Includes two multi drug test panels to screen for Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Crystal Meth, Opiates, Ecstasy, Mephedrone (M-CAT), Synthetic K2 Spice Cannabis, Ketamine, and MDPV bath salts
  • Use both 5-panel drug testing kits to screen for all 10 drug groups or split the 5 panels and target samples as required.
  • This offers an excellent modern combination drug test kit targeted at a younger demographic using recreational, party drugs as part of experimentation and casual use, including newer recreational drug groups previously known as "legal highs" as well as the established street drugs.
  • Individual positive or negative results for each drug group tested.
  • Over 99% accuracy. 
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST
  • CE FDA ISO TUV IVDD certified quality 
  • Ideal drug testing kits for schools, hostels, parents.

Download ALLTEST multi-panel drug test instructions

    5-panel Combo 1 Standard Drug Test Kit screens urine for:

    • Cannabis THC 5-30 days after use.
    • Cocaine and Crack 3-5 days after use
    • Amphetamine Speed 3-5 days after use
    • Methamphetamine Crystal Ice 3-5 days after use
    • Opiate Heroin 3-5 days after use 

    5-panel NPS drug test kit screens urine for:

    • K2/K3 Spice 3-5 days after use.
    • Ketamine  3-5 days after use
    • MDPV Bath Salts  3-5 days after use
    • Mephedrone MEP M CAT 3-5 days after use
    • MDMA Ecstasy  3-5 days after use

    If we are out of stock on this schools combination 10 panel urine drug test kit, a good alternative 10 panel urine drug test kits for schools drug testing are:

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