powder free gloves for drug testing

100 powder free medical gloves for drug testing

  • £9.99

    Because of the shortage of stock of this item of PPE in the UK it is currently limited to one box of gloves per customer, and must be bought in conjunction with drugs tests or alcohol tests. Please do not add more, as this will just delay the processing of your drug test order. If you are buying drug tests in bulk ie over 100 drug testing kits then you may add more boxes of gloves

    Powder free latex and vinyl medical gloves suitable for drug testing

    • Medical grade vinyl gloves
    • Make sample handling easy 
    • Choose from latex or vinyl
    • Packs of 100 powder free Gompels gloves
    • Supplied boxed
    • Non-sterile ambidextrous
    • Easy fit
    • Available in 3 sizes medium, large and extra large
    • Ideal for drug screening

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