7 panel recruitment drug testing kit cup screw lid ALL TEST

ALLTEST 7 Panel Recruitment Drug Testing Cup Kit Urine DOA-177-A1

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7 panel drug test cup 

An ideal 7 panel cup drug test kit for pre-employment recruitment urine drug testing and home drug testing.

This drug test cup includes drug tests for 7 common drugs of abuse with individual results for each drug group.

Key features of the 7 panel recruitment drug test cup

  • 7 panel drug test kit is built into the drug test cup
  • Individual result for each drug
  • Quick and easy to use and read results
  • A1 screw lid urine cup system with a single chamber.
  • Ideal lower cost option where original sample is not required for confirmation screening.
  • Reduced Opiate detection at 2000ng to exclude most low dose codeine.
  • Gives an on-site point of care drug test results in under 10 minutes
  • This drug test cup is fully CE, FDA, ISO, TUV, GMP IVDD certified.
  • Highly accurate.

Loaded with 7-panel urine drug testing kit for the following drugs:

  • THC 50ng/ml Marijuana-Cannabis, Weed)  single use 3-14 days heavy use up to 30 days
  • AMP 1000ng/ml Amphetamines-Speed, amph or whizz  up to 2-6 days
  • COC 300ng/ml Cocaine-Coke, Crack or Charlie up to 2-5 days
  • MET 1000ng/ml Methamphetamines-Glass, Ice or Meth up to 2-6 days
  • MTD 300ng/ml Methadone, Dolly, Red Rock up to 2-8 days
  • OPI  2000ng/ml Morphine - Opiates detects for up to up to 2-5 days
  • BZO 300 Benzodiazepine- Benzos 2-14 days

If we are out of stock on this 7 panel urine cup drug test kit, a good alternative workplace cup drug testing kit is:

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