UK Drug Testing drug testing kits for parents

New enhanced drug testing kit for parents, schools and healthcare

Better drug test detection at lower levels with the enhanced drug testing cup test kit

Home drug testing kits for parents new ultra sensitive drug test kit

  • In response to increased concerns of drug misuse in schools, clubs and festivals, an enhanced detection drug test cup has been developed by UK Drug Testing and ALLTEST, to offer longer and lower detection levels for some common UK drugs of abuse.
  • The new urine drug test cup incorporates an 8 panel drug testing kit with ultra sensitive drug test membranes which detect at half the previous levels.
  • The cup was developed for professional healthcare screening in response to the rise in club and festival attendees presenting to healthcare with drug related emergencies.
  • Rapid and accurate drug detection is an essential element of identifying drug misuse and planning an effective response.
  • The ultra 8 urine drug test kit cup is available to buy as single drug test cup or as packs of 25 cup drug test kits.
  • As well as healthcare, the drug test cup is a good choice drug test kit for parents and schools concerned with club and recreational drug problems and enables fast and accurate results.

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Author 23.09.19 Doctor M J E Garside Medical Director UKDrugTesting

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