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ALLTEST Methamphetamine Hair Drug Testing Kit DME-902

ALLTEST Methamphetamine Hair Drug Testing Kit DME-902

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If the Methamphetamine hair drug test kits are out of stock, we do have Methamphetamine urine drug test strips in stock. If you would like to order the Methamphetamine hair drug test kits please contact our trade team.

Buy Methamphetamine 1000 ng urine drug testing strips 

DME-902 is a single hair drug test kit for Crystal Meth or Methamphetamine.

  • Hair drug detection offers the unique advantage of long term detection of deposited residues in the sample strands used for analysis
  • Ideally collect the sample from the center of the head and select sample from close to the scalp (growth end) minimum 1 cm and not less than 100 mg
  • Average hair growth is 1.25 cm / month We recommend a 4 cm sample which will screen for deposits over approximately 3 month period
  • Simple add buffer and lysing agent to sample for 5 minutes then run the test using the hair Methamphetamine drug test cassette.
  • Premium hair drug test kit detecting just MET 0.2ng/ml.
  • Read the results in 5 minutes.
  • Window of detection depends on sample length tested ranging from 1.25 cm ~ 1 month to 3.75 cm ~ 3 months.
  • 91.5% accurate compared to GC/MS hair drug testing.
  • This assay provides a preliminary screening method and positive test results should be confirmed using GC/MS laboratory service.
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