How to write a random drug testing policy for the workplace

How to write a random drug testing policy for the workplace

random drug testing policy for the workplace UK

Drug testing policy and procedure should be simple, consistent and fair

It is recommended that you have a employment contract clause as a part of the basic employment contract for all staff, covering random workplace drug and alcohol testing. This should include a clear statement of the companies views on drugs and alcohol with a clear statement of expected behaviour while in the employment contract and specifically expected behaviour both in the workplace and off site wile representing the company.

State the companies position and expectations regarding drugs and alcohol

A clear statement of the companies drug and alcohol policy, making it clear that attending the workplace under the influence of drugs and alcohol is unacceptable, set the bench mark for standards, bring the issue to employee attention, pre-employment, and can then include the provision for drug and alcohol testing during the period of employment. 

We have no current drug and alcohol policy and an established workforce.

Introducing a policy in an established business as part of your health and safety updates again lets you clearly communicate to your employees your position on drug misuse together with your expectations of them regarding drugs and alcohol use, during their period of employment. Amendments to existing contracts need to be implemented with the agreement of all staff.

Once agreed this forms a basic consent agreement for the employee. All staff with such a contract may be subject to random drug tests and have agreed that the use of drugs in the workplace, or being under the influence of drugs in the workplace, is a dismissible offence.

Workplace drug testing must be fair and reasonable

It is also important to operate the drug testing program in a fair and appropriate fashion and keep up to date on any introduced government legislation or guidance.

Business's operating safety critical duties need more broad and frequent drug tests

Drug testing safety critical construction industry UK

Business's operating in certain sectors may have higher drug testing requirements for safety critical roles, and business's operation in other European regions should check with any local restrictions in operation at the location of testing. Offshore, marine and civil aviation have international guidelines.

We can assist with specific questions you need to clarify, prior to drug testing personnel.

Contact us by e-mail or telephone if you need any help in introducing drug and alcohol testing to your workplace. We are one of the longest established workplace drug testing companies in the UKW

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