Workplace drug testing cups for employment drug screening

The ALLTEST 10 drug split chamber key drug test cup design offers the best value in on-site drug screening on the UK markets. Loaded with a modern combination of 10 individual drug groups the cup offers buyers an up to date range of drug test membranes targeted at what is most likely to be in common use in the 18-35 demographic. 

The workplace cup covers all the common big drug groups including Cannabis, Cocaine (the test will also detect crack cocaine) Opiates, including heroin. Amphetamine and Methamphetamine are included and also a test for Methadone. The cup also screens for sedative tranquilizers (Benzodiazepines) now included in roadside drug tests. By adding Ecstacy (MDMA) Ketamine and Tramadol to the above, the cup responds to modern drug use trends, which may otherwise go undetected.

Buyers also get the added value of a 3 pad urine adulteration strip loaded into every cup. The adulteration strip tests 3 parameters in the urine sample as a test for dilution or adulteration of the sample. Abnormal results suggest possible dilution or the addition of adulterants to avoid an accurate result.

Every cup also has a liquid crystal temperature check strip. The fresh sample should be within the range on the strip, again as a test for substitution of dilution of the sample with toilet or tap water.

ALLTEST workplace test cups are available in 25, 100 and 500 test packs in our workplace drug and alcohol testing collection here

Click here to see our full range of cup drug testing kits for urine 

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