workplace drug and alcohol tests-workplace drug and alcohol testing kits

Workplace drug and alcohol tests

Workplace drug and alcohol tests

Workplace drug and alcohol tests need to be accurate, easy to conduct, (in all workplace environments), and the drug test kits should give reliable results, fast.

Combine all the above and you get the new ALLTEST DSD-873ALC.

The latest modern design combination of 6 common workplace drug test membranes with a real-time saliva alcohol test with the 2-minute indicator showing equivalent blood alcohol levels.

Wait a couple more minutes and you have screened the same sample for a further 6 drug groups, the same drugs being tested for being on roadside drug tests by UK Police. 

An all negative drug and alcohol screen can be completed in as little as 3 minutes, with all drug tests taking no more than 10 minutes, enabling the employee to be back at work fast.

Advantages of the new ALLTEST direct saliva drug and alcohol test kits

No saliva handling, no sample transfer required with the built-in collector tongue design the sample is fed directly to the alcohol pad and to the drug test windows and can be left in the donor's mouth until all the results are showing. So no more failed tests as a result of inadequate sample collection.

Ideal drug and alcohol test for transport and logistics industy

We think this new oral drug test kit from ALLTEST is an ideal choice for the transport industry. Professional drivers can be easily screened on site with a minimum of disruption.

Onsite drug and alcohol testing procedure

The drug testing procedure with this new design drug and alcohol test kit is so simple it can even be overseen within the restrictions of social distancing in operation currently in many UK workplaces.

Oversee sample collection from 2 meters and then get the individual being tested to re-sheath the sample tongue after collection. We sell vinyl gloves for post sample handling of the drug test kit.

Download our records forms from the link in our website information pages or photograph the result windows as part of the electronic personnel record.

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